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Stanwell Pipe Tobacco

Stanwell Pipe Tobacco is a good tasting pipe tobacco that comes in two flavors: Vanilla and Melange. This Danish company is best known for making a great line of pipes. Their pipe tobacco is a great smoking tobacco, with a rich aromatic taste that you would expect from this great brand. 

Their Melange blend of pipe tobacco is indicative of the qualtiy of their products; made with a blend of Danish dark Cavendish, Burley and Virginial tobacco, topped off with a touch of Oriental flavoring.

Their Vanilla blend has all of the same ingredients as the Melange pipe tobacco, with added notes of Vanilla to give it a more specialized taste. Stanwell Pipe Tobacco comes in 1.75oz tins – please let us know if you have questions about this classic tasting pipe tobacco or any of our products. Thanks for stopping by!