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Wessex Pipe Tobacco

Wessex Pipe Tobacco has a huge selection of products and we stock and discount all of them. Wessex is known for making a great pipe tobacco product at a very affordable cost and with lots of specialized flavors or blends to choose from.

Wessex Pipe Tobacco as company has their roots are in manufacturing pipes; so, they know a great deal about pipe tobacco: how it should smoke, its burn characteristics and what tastes great and more importantly, what doesn’t! 

All of their products come in tins for guaranteed freshness ranging from 1.75oz to 7oz containers. 

We carry all popular blends of Wessex Pipe Tobacco:

Wessex Brigade Pipe Tobacco: smooth to mild taste.
Wessex Aromatic Tobacco: traditional aromatic taste.
Wessex Red Virginia Flake Tobacco: flake goodness at a great price and mild. 
Wessex Tradition Pipe Tobacco: strong taste but no harsh tastes whatsoever.
Wessex Brigade Balkan Supreme Pipe Tobacco: classic Oriental blend with Turkish and Latakia blend, but mild tasting.
Wessex Brown Virginia Tobacco: natural flake with a strong tobacco taste; what you’d expect.
Wessex Premier Pipe Tobacco: Danish style of Virginia tobacco.
Wessex Dark Cavendish: a classic dark Cavendish pipe tobacco; strong but not harsh.
Wessex Burley Broad Cut Pipe Tobacco: good Burley taste leaning to the mild side, but smooth.
Wessex Gold Virginia Flake Pipe Tobacco: smoother taste than their Red, but similar taste characteristics (smooth and mild).

You have a ton of choices when you choose Wessex Pipe Tobacco and we carry all of their blends and everything inbetween at Windy City Cigars. Our everyday prices are discounted and much better than our competitor’s “sale prices” and due to our Midwest location, we get products out to you fast.