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Arturo Fuente Corona Imperial

The six and a half inches of wonder is a signature of the traditional practice of cigar making from Fuente Family. It utilizes the Dominican Republic tobacco and binder to offer smooth sensations to smokers. Without any flavor, it delivers medium to full strength taste with a sweet yet natural wrapper.

Steady Combustion
Each cigar is brilliantly crafted with wrappers that have a decent oil profile. Thus, you receive a steady burn that only a smoking enthusiast can admire. With the uniform burn, you get dense, and creamy smoke that melts smoothly in the lungs for you to have almost perfect drags each time.

Premium Tobacco
Arturo Fuente imbues only the finest of tobacco for each cigar with a vibrant body that offers a strong classic fragrance.

Lighter Buzz
The cigars do not have artificial fillers or chemicals. Thus, they maintain a mild natural profile with nicotine and other elements. More importantly, the smooth drags make it easier for you to inhale longer drags and exhale without any burn on lips or lungs. The presence of connoisseur enhances each detail in the cigar’s body for perfection.

Each cigar is inspected diligently and then stored to seal in the crafty wooden box to retain the authenticity. Thereby, it preserves long-lasting taste, humidity, and exquisite taste for smoking.