Don Diego Cigars

Atladis Cigar Corporation in the Dominican Republic creates the Don Diego Cigars. These world-class cigars are made with the Sumatra seed filler and a silky Connecticut shade grown wrapper to give a smooth smoke and finish. Don Diego Cigars are solid and consistent cigars and apt for smokers who desire a skillfully created cigar that is smooth. Each and Every Don Diego cigar gives a mild tobacco taste by using a smooth blend of Brazilian and Dominican tobacco. These handcrafted cigars have a creamy flavor that gives a fine finish without any aftertaste. They are a perfect cigar for individuals who want a milder smoking sensation and apt of Lady Smokers. These cigars are suitable for any occasion and good for smoking during any time. This superior quality cigar comes in a variety of choices such as the Don Diego Babies Cigars, Don Diego Corona Cigars, Don Diego Grande Cigars, Don Diego Lonsdale and others. For those gentle flavored cigar lovers, the Don Diego Cigars can now be bought right here at WindyCityCigars.com.