Don Mateo Cigars

If you are searching for a cigar that is easy on your wallet, then consider buying the Don Mateo Cigars. These hand rolled cigars have a blend of Nicaraguan fillers rolled in Mexican wrappers with a selection of Maduro and Natural. This brand of cigars is medium-bodied without being overwhelming and the best thing is the premium quality yet low-price about these cigars. The Don Mateo cigars have a bit of salt and a trace of sweet under the prevalent woody and earthy flavor that will make you want more of this smoke. The Don Mateo cigar brand has received one great positive review after another and to know exactly why, you’ll have to try these fantastic cigars yourself. You do not have to worry about the price and enjoy it at the end of every single day. The Don Mateo Maduro and Don Mateo Natural cigars collection are available at Windy City Cigars.

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