Joya de Nicaragua Cigars

Joya de Nicaragua Cigars were at one point of time thought to be among the most excellent cigars across the globe, but were ruined by the civil war in Nicaragua. They were reconstructed in the year 2002 and is a powerful combination of Nicaraguan black tobaccos rolled into a beautiful Nicaraguan Criollo wrapper.

These cigars have a peppery taste and is a very formidable cigar and many smokers find it overpowering. However, it is perfect for smokers who yearn for strong smokes. Joya de Nicaragua cigars review that they’re an immensely full-bodied cigar with every draw, smokers will get feel fully gratified.

These cigars are perfect for the experienced cigar enthusiasts who crave for stronger cigars. These cigars come in a number of varieties like Joya de Nicaragua Antano Belisco Cigars, Joya de Nicaragua Antano Robusto Grande Cigars, Joya de Nicaragua Consul Natural Cigars and others. Buy them now at Windy City Cigars at astonishing prices.