La Primadora Cigars

The La Primadora Cigars are handcrafted in Danlí, Honduras. These cigars are a blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran long filler tobaccos. They have a charcoal-like flavor. La Primadora Cigars give a steady smoke and the best thing about these cigars is that they are easy on the pocket. These cigars are made of Indonesian binders and Nicaraguan or Honduran fillers rolled in a Mexican or Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. They have a mild to medium strength and have established themselves as a best seller. These cigars give a consistent burn and boast of a palatable, dark flavor. They are available in different varieties such as the La Primadora Emperor Natural Cigars, La Primadora Solitare Maduro Cigars, La Primadora Emperor Maduro Cigars, La Primadora Excellente Natural Cigars and La Primadora Solitare Natural Cigars. You can now purchase these unique cigars at Windy City Cigars at the best available rates!