Macbeth Cigars

The Macbeth Cigars are a Cigar brand that is definitely a class apart and are made by Swisher Sweets. They are enjoyed and revered by cigar devotees all over the world. These cigars are created from aged and exceptional quality tobacco. Consisting of a blend of Mexican and Dominican tobaccos, they are hand rolled in a methodical manner. The tobacco is rolled in a beautiful Connecticut shade wrapper in these cigars. The Macbeth little cigars give a delightful tasty smoke and are mild to medium bodied in strength. With a fantastic aroma, these cigars are surely worth trying. If you are searching for a cigar that is of good quality and yet available at an inexpensive price, then Macbeth Cigars are the perfect selection for you! They are available in boxes and come in Macbeth Macduff, Macbeth Duncan and Macbeth Malcolm selections. Get a gorgeous, rewarding smoking experience by buying the Macbeth Cigars today from WindyCityCigars.com