Maker's Mark Cigars

Maker’s Mark Cigars are the perfect combination of cigars and bourbon. Makers Mark cigarillos are made with only the finest Cuban-seed long fillers and Dominican binder tobaccos along with first-class Sumatra wrappers. These are bourbon dipped slightly infused with bourbon seasoning to enrich these cigars. They are handcrafted in the Dominican Republic and have a mild to medium strength. The result of the meticulous making is a superb, aromatic and balanced smoke. They have a sweet and caramel-like flavor and in order to preserve this, each and every bourbon infused, dipped cigar is confined in a glass tube and hand-dipped in red wax. With the finest ingredients and accurate creation, Makers Mark cigar brand is one of a kind and is a real treat to smoke and a sheer delight to have in your humidor. This line of bourbon cigars is available in blends such as Maker’s Mark Bourbon Cigars, Maker’s Mark Bourbon #562 Cigars, Maker’s Mark Bourbon #650 Cigars and Maker’s Mark Bourbon Anniversary Cigars. Don’t miss out o the Maker’s Mark cigar brand now available at WindyCityCigars.com