Montecristo Cigars

The Montecristo cigars originated in Cuba in 1935 and at present are hand made in the Dominican Republic. They are regarded as one of the premium cigars and are created for the real cigar buff. The cigar continues to get top rankings from American smokers. The creation of these cigars is flawless because they are hand-rolled under the observation of Jose Seijas who is thought to be a master cigar-blender. The Montecristo cigars have a medium to full strength and have a sweet aroma and give a smooth, creamy smoke.
The cigars are rolled with a select hand-picked Connecticut shade wrapper and an excellent Dominican filler and binder. Every Montecristo cigar dons a golden, silky wrapper that burns brilliantly and this denotes that it is one of the greatest cigars. Montecristo cigars are available for sale online in a vast selection of shapes and this is a cigar that all cigar lovers should have in their humidor. To put it in one word, they are “impeccable”.

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