Mr. B. Cigars

Mr. B. Cigars are named in reverence of cigar celebrity Daniel Blumenthal and are handcrafted in Nicaragua. These cigars are perfect for everyday smoking. They are of mild to medium strength and have a robust nutty taste with spicy bittersweet hints. Mister B’s Cigars are made up of Nicaraguan mixed-fillers and Ecuadorian binders and are available in Candela, Maduro or natural wrappers from either Ecuador or Connecticut. These cigars give a mild, sweet, creamy smoke. The special thing about these cigars is that they are of very good quality available at an inexpensive price. You can now buy Mr. B Original Natural Cigars from Windy City Cigars at reduced prices. To see the best prices, visit WindyCityCigars.com – the best source for online cigars. By smoking Mr. B. Cigars, you will never be dissatisfied, so unwind and smoke this cigar and enjoy a great smoking experience.

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