Nobel Petit Cigars

The Nobel Petit cigars are one of the most celebrated cigarillos across the globe. The Nobel Petit small cigars are created in Denmark and consist of the best tobacco fillers from the Bonao area of the Dominican Republic. Petit cigars come in four ranges of tastes and styles: Sumatra, Light Sumatra, Dominican and Brazilian. Each of these delivers a unique smoking sensation based on the filler tobaccos and the wrapper from their corresponding namesake nations. Nobel Petit cigarillos do not need humidifying and are dry cured. The mature Fine Sumatra will give you an intense aroma and a full-bodied flavor while the Light Sumatra will give you a distinctive, subtle and smooth taste. These cigars come in an attractive box that slides in your pocket effectively. The Nobel Petit Cigars are available in the following ranges: Nobel Petit Brazilian Cigars, Nobel Petit Dominican Cigars and Nobel Petit Fine Sumatra Cigars. Get your hands on the Nobel Petit Cigars today from WindyCityCigars.com and simply relish them.

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