Nub Cigars

Nub Cigars are made by Oliva Cigar Co. and will give you a smoking experience that is really out of this world. They were specially created to trap the core of a cigar that is known as the “sweet spot”, which is the point where the flavor and strength are combined perfectly.

These flavorful, solid, short cigars include the “sweet spot” all over. The Nub Cigars are handcrafted and are medium-bodied with hints of spice and cedar. They are available in a selection of four wrappers: Connecticut, Maduro, Cameroon or Habano. With Nicaraguan fillers, these cigars give a smooth smoke fortified with complex toasty and woody flavors.

Nub cigars have great reviews and are worth giving a try! The Nub Cigars come in a box of 24 and two assortments of these top cigars are available at Windy City Cigar – Nub 460 Connecticut Cigars and Nub 460 Habano Cigars. Grab one of these today and gain a gratifying smoking sensation!

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