Partagas Cigars

Partagas Cigars are one of the oldest existing cigar brands. They were established in Cuba in 1845 and are one of the most admired brands worldwide due to their unprecedented quality. The wrapper used in these cigars is made from superior quality leaves from Cameroon and Dominican Republic and Mexican premium fillers are used to provide a spicy flavor and are medium to full in strength. However, it remains smooth from beginning to the end. They give a full flavor and are very tasty.
The sweet spicy Cameroon wrapper appears and feels wonderful. And this is the reason why it has made them the most reliable cigars in terms of aroma, flavor and quality. A favorite among cigar buffs, Partagas Cuban Cigars are skillfully crafted, making them very special. There are over a dozen varieties of Cuban Partagas and a multitude of sizes available in this line making them a superb acquaintance for any occasion.
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