Mega Lovemart Brown Dog Car Seat Cover


Make road trips as easy as a walk in the park with the Mega Lovemart Car Seat Cover. A convenient way to protect your vehicle’s back seat from tears, scrapes, dirt, and water, this quilted cover will keep it looking like new—and your furry pet will be ecstatic to go along for the ride. Setup is a breeze thanks to the heavy-duty headrest straps, which can be attached to the backseat headrests, or to the front seat’s, to create a barrier. And with seat positioning anchors and non-slip rubber backing, you can rest assured that it will stay in place even during sudden stops. 
Key features:

56′ x 57″ Dog seat cover
Includes 4 straps to fasten around the headrest
Made from durable fabric
Compatible design will fit most cars, SUVs, and small trucks, so it can be easily switched from one vehicle to the next in multi-car homes.

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