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Red River Pipe Tobacco - Windy City Cigars

This Pipe Tobacco is a great-tasting bulk pipe and cigarette tobacco we have been selling here at Windy City Cigars since we first opened our "virtual" doors ten years ago. It's classic-tasting pipe tobacco that comes in 16oz (1lb) bags in three blends:

  • Red River Pipe Tobacco Regular: good tasting with full-bodied flavor.
  • Red River Pipe Tobacco Smooth: slightly more mellow taste than "Regular" - nothing harsh as you smoke it.
  • Red River Pipe Tobacco Cool Mint: just a touch of mint and a mellow classic blend.

This Pipe Tobacco is always on sale here at Windy City Cigars and is in stock. Check out our prices and the reviews of this popular blend of bulk pipe tobacco.

This Pipe Tobacco is high-quality tobacco that provides many benefits. Some of the benefits of this Pipe Tobacco include:

  • It is made from the highest quality tobacco available, which results in a smooth, satisfying smoke.
  • It has a strong, robust flavor that is perfect for those who enjoy a strong tobacco taste.
  • It is easy to smoke and does not require excessive effort to enjoy.
  • It is affordable, making it a great choice for those on a budget.

This Pipe Tobacco is American-made tobacco that is made of a blend of virgin and burley tobacco. It has a sweetness to it and can be enjoyed both fresh and dried out.

If you are looking for premium pipe tobacco that will give you years of pleasure, look no further than this Pipe Tobacco.

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