Rocky Patel Premium Cigars – Java Wafe Is Back – Now In Mint


Interesting news coming out of the Rocky Patel Premium Cigars (RPPC) camp for the New Year. It seems the cigar giant is announcing its return of the Wafe size cigar to its Java by Drew Estate line.

The Wafe is a 5 ring gauge in height and a unique extreme trunk-pressed 5 x 46 cigar that was produced for the Java Maduro and Java Latte lines from 2006 to 2011. Ultimately the Wafe was gradually withdrawn and was replaced with the 4.5 x 38 Petite Corona size.

With the Wafe shape predating the 2007 grandfather date Rocky Patel Premium Cigars felt the need to re-introduce the Wafe, but this time to also include the Java Mint line.

In a recent press release Rocky Patel announced the return of the Java Wafe stating, “The Wafe had always been a special size cigar that we wanted to someday have in our portfolio again,” Patel added, “with the new rules coming through FDA, the time to bring it back was essentially made for us. Call it a silver lining.”

The cigars will be packaged in 40 count boxes for the Maduro, Latte, and Mint lines. The Rocky Patel Jave Wafe cigars will be produced at the Drew Estate’s La Gran Fabrica facility in Esteli Nicaragua. The Maduro, Latte and Mint lines will have 40 cigars per box.

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