​Should I Use An Electric Or Manual Cigarette Rolling Machine?

Should I Use An Electric Or Manual Cigarette Rolling Machine?

The process of shopping for a cigarette machine is an endeavor that is fraught with a series of difficult decisions to make. There are a wide variety of different styles and types to select from, which can be very confusing to the uninitiated.

So which one are you supposed to choose? This depends on numerous factors. For example, how many cigarettes will you be requiring each day? How quickly do you need to make these cigarettes? Are you someone who is trying to make the process simple?

These are the questions that you will need to answer, in order to make a truly informed decision. We will begin by speaking about the different types and stylistic quirks of each cigarette rolling machine.

The two main types that consumers have to choose from are the manual cigarette roller and the machine powered incarnation. The electric powered cigarette roller relies upon an auger system that is spoon fed, while the manual roller is simply spoon fed.

Auger styles utilize a rotating spring. This spring is located at the bottom part of the tobacco hopper. This style allows cigarette rollers to slide their cigarette’s tube onto the sleeve. From there, the machine is turned on and the auger spring starts to rotate. The tobacco is then transferred into the cigarette tubing.

This particular style is exclusive to electric cigarette rollers and users can enjoy a wide range of settings and adjustments, which allow them to alter the speed and density as needed. Out of all of the styles, this one is the least reliable.

This is due to the fact that auger spring often slices the tobacco up too fine during the cigarette tube packing process, which can be problematic for smokers. As a result of this quirk, the tobacco falls out of the cigarette tube and can lead to additional problems for the user.

Conversely, a spoon fed style come with a long spoon that is a half circle. The spoon is roughly two to four inches in length and carries almost the same width as a traditional cigarette tube. The spoon rests at the bottom of the tobacco’s chamber and allows the tobacco to slide in an upward motion, placing it within the cigarette’s tubing as long as the machine remains engaged.

For those who seek a style of machine that is fast and reliable, this is often the top choice. It is not only easy to use, but it also constructs great cigarettes.

So which one should you choose?

Speaking in generalities, an electric cigarette rolling machine will make the process much easier and allow you to roll cigarettes much more rapidly.

Manual machines come in both portable hand models, as well as table top models. While they are easy to use, if you would like to create larger quantities of cigarettes, then you are likely to prefer the electric cigarette rolling models.

Large cigarette quantities can still be created with the manual model, but the process is much less efficient. Electric machines are foolproof, with a lever that is pressed down or one simple button to push.

Manual machines require a little more effort, as the injector has to be slid forward by the operator or a level will need to be slid from left to right or vice versa.

Electric cigarette rolling machines make 100s or king size cigarettes. Manual cigarette rollers are great for those who choose to roll a variety of different sizes and prefer to have that flexibility.

Be sure to always follow the directions on the machine when it comes to rolling cigarettes.


An electric cigarette rolling machine will obviously cost more than a manual model. Both machines are solidly constructed and if you are not in need of speed, then a manual table top model is the best choice.

Those who need to roll cigarettes quickly prefer the electric model. A portable hand model is also available to those who seek the ability to roll cigarettes anywhere.

It is important to note that crafting your own cigarettes is exceedingly easy and by making the switch to a cigarette rolling machine, you will recoup your investment with the money you save on purchasing cigarettes in no time flat.