For the RYO Lifestyle: Manual or Electric Cigarette Machine?

Your weighing the RYO lifestyle and getting tired of paying for cigarettes manufactured by the corporate titans. This blog post is for those of you sitting on the proverbial fence about rolling your pipe tobacco products; or for anyone who is weighing the pros and cons of manual versus electric cigarette machines.

Here are the factors you need to weigh when considering manual vs. electric cigarette rolling machine:

  • How many cigarettes or roll your products you are making per day?
  • How fast do you want to produce a cigarette from pipe tobacco?
  • Is your lifestyle pretty fixed in one spot or home, or are you an on the smoke; i.e., do you want a machine you can move around easily
  • Budget is not too much of an issue: you can get the right product that is either manual or electric for under a hundred bucks.
  • Manual cigarette rolling machines come in two types: portable and tabletop versions.
  • Most electric cigarette rolling machines make a King or 100’s size cigarette, so your cigarette production has to be more specific. Still, most manual cigarette machines make King size, 100’s, or both King and 100 sizes.

Basic Construction of Manual and Electric Cigarette Machines

Across all product manufacturers, manual and electric cigarette machines have the same characteristics. An electric machine utilizes an auger and a spoon-fed style, and a manual machine uses a spoon-fed technique.

As you move into more expensive electric cigarette rolling machines from $75-300, you’ll find machines made of more durable metal vs plastic for most manual machines, with stainless steel and chrome-plated models available. Imparting more durability and making them easier to clean.

Manual machines all necessitate your using some lever, or you have to slide some lever back and forth or slide the injector forward. With electric, you are just pushing a button or only using a small lever to trigger the production process.

An auger style (electric machine) uses a spring that rotates at the bottom of the hopper, and you slide a cigarette tube on the sleeve and then turn on the machine. But, as the auger spring rotates and transfers the pipe tobacco into the tube, it can be a bit challenging, as the spring rotates, it can cut up the tobacco a little too fine, and your tobacco won’t rest in the tube well, as the tobacco is too fine.

But, this is, in most cases, a minor issue, and most machines have adjustment settings to offset these problems.

Manual spoon-fed cigarette machines use a half of a circle spoon from 2-4 inches in length and usually the same width as a cigarette. The spoon rests at the bottom of the pipe tobacco, and it will inject or slide the tobacco into your cigarette tube.

You can find this spoon-fed style in some electric machines as well. Overall, due to this simpler construction, this type of machine is very reliable. But, your production volumes are much lower due to the manual characteristics.

Whatever you are grinding, rolling or processing, core materials: aluminum, steel, plastic, or some combination of all determine the overall quality of the product. Are core materials necessary? Yes, but you’ll get a one year manufacturer’s warranty on most of these products and a small plug for us; you’ll find we will do all we can to make sure you are happy with any product you purchase.

Five Short Videos on the Most Popular Manual and Electric Cigarette Machines on the Market

The PoweRoll Electric Cigarette Machine by Top-O-Matic comes with a sturdy travel case for moving it around quickly, runs on either 120v AC power, uses a standard spoon-fed meth to inject King Size Cigarettes tubes with pipe tobacco.

This Gambler Cigarette Rolling Machine makes a King Size Cigarette using any blend of pipe tobacco; it’s low cost, durable, well made and we sell a lot of them.

The Top T2 Cigarette Rolling Machine is one of the sturdiest, well built flexible machines on the market for rolling your own cigarettes, featuring a speed lock system that quickly converts from King Size to 100mm. Top consistently makes a great product, with consistent excellent reviews from our customers. And, BTW it looks snazzy on any table or counter.

The Premier Excel Cigarette Injector Machine is the fastest and easiest to use tabletop cigarette injector machine on the market: well made, durable, and works with any brand of pipe tobacco on the market place, from rough cut to smooth.

The Mikromatic Cigarette Machine by Top-o-Matic is a high-quality cigarette machine that consistently helps you make RYO King Size cigarettes using pipe tobacco. Top-o-Matic has been making great products for ten years, known for its aggressive pricing and durable products.

So, we hope this post helps you make a more informed decision about using and purchasing a manual or electric cigarette rolling machine.