RYO Cigarette Tobacco Smoking Tips

RYO Cigarette Tobacco Smoking Tips

We know smoking is not necessarily a good thing. But it’s a lifestyle choice, and if you are an RYO cigarette tobacco smoker, here are a few tips that may help you save money. Using loose tobacco from the best brands is a better option too.

Reviving Pipe Tobacco that has Dried out or Gone Stale

Dried-out pipe tobacco is never going to taste good, and some think they have to toss tobacco that has lost most of its moisture. That is not the case. You can revive the moisture content in your pipe tobacco using a very simple “do it yourself” process.

  • Some tell you to add a carrot or an apple to stale pipe tobacco – we don’t; in most cases, you will end up with weird-tasting pipe tobacco. Take your dried-out pipe tobacco and put it in a large container, and spread it out evenly in the container.
  • Take a smaller container (any type will do as long as it is watertight) and add hot water to it; place the larger container holding the hot water in an airtight bag and let it sit for a couple of hours.

Probably no more than an hour or two, or you may end up with tobacco that is too moist. The bag acts as a DIY greenhouse, helping to spread moisture evenly in your tobacco.

  • You can also use your own DIY batch of tobacco as a primary blend to mix with other pipe tobacco to impart more moisture. Don’t overdo the process, though, as moist pipe tobacco will jam the feed mechanisms in manual and electric cigarette machines.

Free Yourself from the Flavoring Constraints of Pipe Tobacco Manufacturers

Not to bite the hand that feeds us as we sell a lot of flavored pipe tobacco from major brands like Swisher Sweets, Black and Mild, Middleton, Acid Cigars, White Owl, Dutch Masters, and about fifty other brands.

But, if you are an RYO pipe tobacco smoker who wants to create your own brand of RYO tobacco, here is the insider’s guide to doing this at home:

  • Start with an airtight plastic container large enough to hold a small batch of pipe tobacco.
  • Don’t go all in with a large blending experiment; start small with a tiny amount of pipe tobacco.
  • Next, add a drop or two of your blending agent. If you are using whiskey or scotch, only add a drop or two, and the same holds true for other flavoring elements.
  • Mix the pipe tobacco up thoroughly and then let it sit in a cool spot out of direct sunlight for 18-24 hours.
  • Open the container after this time period has passed, and let it sit out in the air for an hour or two.
  • Roll up some pipe tobacco and give it a taste. If all is good, then rinse and repeat with larger batches moving forward. You are now a master DIY pipe tobacco blender!

What Can you Save Using Pipe Tobacco for Making Your Own Cigarettes vs. Off-the-Shelf Cigarettes?

We hear this question all the time on the phone and via our contact page. You absolutely can save a lot of money using pipe tobacco products and then rolling your own using a manual or electric cigarette machine. Typically a carton of cigarettes will be $40-65, depending on what state you live in.

You can buy a five-pound bag of our OHM Pipe Tobacco for $55, throw in a carton of tubes, and a manual cigarette rolling machine like the Top-O-Matic T2 cigarette machine for under $40.

Thank you for visiting our site, and we hope this post on RYO cigarette tobacco tips was helpful. Please use our contact us page or call us via our toll-free number if we can assist you in purchasing any of our 2,500 tobacco-focused products.

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