In the last ten years we’ve sampled hundreds types of pipe tobacco products to select top tier brands for resale and here is a short list of our ten favorite rolling tobacco products. 

Bugler tobacco is one of the oldest brands of pipe tobacco in the world, Bugler has been consistently producing great tobacco with a rich strong taste since the early 1930’s. The Bugler tobacco brand was introduced by Lane Limited in 1932 but Lane became a subsidiary of Scandinavian Tobacco Group in 2011. Bugler tobacco comes in three primary blends: 

  • Green (somewhat milder tasting tobacco)
  • Blue Full Flavor (full flavored tobacco with a rich taste) 
  • Green Menthol (touch of menthol that does not overpower the taste of the tobacco). 

Kentucky Select tobacco uses the best only natural tobaccos, with no shake tobacco like some of their lower priced competitors. Kentucky Select is known for pricing their tobacco aggressively, making it a great buy for a new pipe tobacco smoker or someone who smokes tobacco on a regular basis; tastes great, burns smoothly and has no harsh aftertaste like some of their competitors. 

Kentucky Select Pipe Tobacco Comes in Seven Custom Blends

  • Red: this is a bold, strong pipe tobacco, good for a smoker looking for a strong taste and probably not optimum for a begginner; a bit on the strong side.
  • Gold: this is a smoother smoking tobacco, a little milder than their Red.
  • Blue: this is smooth pipe tobacco with just a hint of menthol, that’s not overpowering, nice menthol taste that’s going to give you a smooth smoke every time.
  • Green: delivers a sharp, minty taste of menthol, a bit stronger than their Blue blend of tobacco.
  • Silver: has a lighter, extra smooth taste, a bit more refined then the other flavors
  • Turkish Black: a classic more exotic taste, if you want something out of the ordinary this Turkish blend will get your attention every time – truly a unique smoking experience.
  • Natural Organic: a robust blend with no additives.

Gambler pipe tobacco is a economical blend of tobacco, your are getting a lot of tobacco for what you pay, but it still tastes great, with no drop off in quality. We stock all four popular blends of Gambler pipe tobacco:

  • Gambler Regular Pipe Tobacco: just a good tasting middle of the road pipe tobacco that satisfies you every time you smoke it.
  • Gambler Mellow Tobacco: a bit of a smoother tasting blend than Regular but not quite as silky smooth as Silver.
  • Gambler Silver Pipe Tobacco: Gambler’s smoothest blend, on par with pipe tobacco from much more expensive brands; tastes great with a silky smooth taste.
  • Gambler Mint Tobacco: this tobacco has a slight taste of mint, won’t overpower you but enough to let you know you are smoking something out of the ordinary. 

Cherokee Pipe Tobacco is a high quality product made by Native American Cherokee Indians, leveraging their rich tradition of making and using tobacco. This rolling tobacco is a long ribbon cut tobacco that is manufactured in the traditional manner; with a great taste, priced competitively and comes in four primary flavors in 16oz and 5lb bags of rolling tobacco goodness.

  • Cherokee Full Flavor: a more robust taste than the rest of their blends, with a strong somewhat traditional taste.
  • Cherokee Ultra Silver: if you like smooth this is the pipe tobacco for you (silky smooth and refined taste).
  • Cherokee Mellow: mellow taste that’s easy on the taste buds.
  • Cherokee Turkish: has a classic exoctic taste, distinctive and out of the ordinary too.
  • Cherokee Menthol: won’t overpower you like some blends, just enough menthol to give you a slight taste. 

Good Stuff rolling pipe tobacco is a product of the great state of North Carolina, made with no artificial additives, offering a smooth taste that won’t overpower your taste buds, comes in 16oz resealable bags and six primary blends of rolling tobacco:

  • Red: a classic full bodied pipe tobacco; nothing subtle in this blend whatsoever, a strong tobacco taste that packs a taste wallop of goodness.
  • Gold: somewhat of a milder flavor than their other blends.
  • Menthol: just a slight hint of menthol, nothing over the top like some cheaper pipe tobacco blends.
  • Menthol Gold: somewhat milder than their standard “menthol.” Smooth in every sense of the word.
  • Silver: a smooth, elegant taste on par with much more expensive pipe tobacco brands.
  • Natural:  more of a traditional tasting pipe tobacco but a step down in flavor from their Red.

rolling tobacco poolside

Nine Ways to Know if You are Smoking a Good Quality Rolling Tobacco 

  1. The taste should be smooth and not too harsh, enough of a tobacco taste to let you know it’s a full bodied, but with no lingering harsh taste in your mouth. 
  2. Should roll great in a manual or an electric cigarette machine, not jamming the machine because the rolling tobacco is too moist. 
  3. Good rolling tobacco will always burn properly, not “run” down the side of your cigarette. If this is the case, you are smoking something that is not high quality and you should toss the pipe tobacco or rehydrate it.
  4. Additive flavors like menthol should be subtle and not overpower your taste buds; the taste should be subtle. 
  5. You should be able to flavor off the shelf tobacco at home; if you can’t modify the taste then you are probably smoking a blend that’s got a harsh taste, telling you the quality is not there. 
  6. Good rolling tobacco should store well for 60-90 days, assuming you don’t put it in direct sunlight and it’s stored in an airtight container. 
  7. The tobacco taste should hit you as soon as you draw on your cigarette and there shoiuld be no strong harsh aftertaste. 
  8. Price is always a subjective issue; but in general you should be able to buy an off the shelf rolling tobacco brand and then roll your own smokes using a manual or electric cigarette machine and save 50-75% vs. the cost for a traditional cigarette. 
  9. There is no best pipe tobacco: it’s always a subjective process when you choose your pipe tobacco brand and there is some trial and error involved when and as you taste pipe tobacco. 

If you have questions about pipe tobacco, cigars, premium rolling papers or anything tobacco related please call us. We have helped thousands of customers the last ten years and you will find our staff of knowledgeable about rolling tobacco!