The Five Coolest things about the Roll Your Own Cigarette LIfestyle

Every point of refuge, especially when you think about products you have to purchase either online or in the real world at your local tobacco shop has a price and the roll your own cigarette lifestyle is no different. 

But, you are embracing a lifestyle that suits your tastes, likes and dislikes; i.e. smoking pipe tobacco. #livelarge Five cool things that should put an RYO lifestyle smile on your face. 

Your a rolling stone RYO lifestyle type right? These lads back in the day were about breaking the rules and let’s be honest they have had a long run. Yes, with some bumps in the road. 

  • But, there are parallels with those of you who have taken up the RYO lifestyle – your pirates flying the flag of independence and that has a lot of upside. 


RYO tobacco smokers are no longer beholding or bound to the corporate cigarette titans born in the 1950′s – you can buy pipe tobacco online, at your neighborhood grocery store (tobacco on sale just about anywhere) or even get out in the fields and harvest your own, although a bit more work. 

  • But, regardless you can buy pipe tobacco in just about any flavor you can imagine or even cooler, just buy a bulk five pound bag or our OHM Pipe Tobacco and mix and match your own flavors at home: Scotch, Whiskey, Strawberry, Vanilla (Cherry Vanilla for God’s sake), Blueberry, Peach – your pipe tobacco taste horizons are unlimited. 

Pipe tobacco technology has marched in your direction. In the “good old pipe tobacco days” folks were hand rolling pipe tobacco or worse, smoking it in pipes bought in a head shop back in the 1960’s. Nor more, you are now free to maximize your time by using manual or electric cigarette machines. 

  • And, you don’t need to break the bank – for the cost of a pack of traditional smokes you can buy a manual rolling machine. 

Let’s face it tubes and filters for pipe tobacco are now as varied as the type of pipe tobacco you are smoking. You can get a box for under $5 and they work great, as good as more expensive cigarettes from the corporate types that are mass produced somewhere offshore. 

Social acceptance can always be a dodgy thing (as they say in the UK) but if you are hanging out backstage at Coachella expect to see plenty of RYO folks who are embracing pipe tobacco as never before. 

  • We can’t guarantee some of those stuck up types aren’t going to wrinkle their noses when you fire up a pipe tobacco cigarette or premium cigar. But in some quarters and locales you are going to find broader acceptance. 

For many of you premium cigars, cigarillos and flavored cigars are now part of the taste equation. That’s a good thing, as your taste horizons are expanding on par with the type of wine you like to drink, or scotch, beer, whiskey, whatever. Today there are no longer any taste limitations for many of you – that’s all good. Life is short and should be lived with some indulgences.

Need some inspiration on sampling awesome flavors of pipe tobacco? Well check out our under two minutes, walk on the RYO lifestyle friendly video about some cool new pipe tobacco flavors. 

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