The Pipe Tobacco Smokers Guide to Products and Style

Every pipe tobacco smoker has her/his likes and dislikes, especially when it comes to products that complement the RYO lifestyle. Here are a few you may want to consider.

First let’s talk about pipe tobacco flavors, off the shelf or otherwise. Today you can get just about any exotic flavor for loose tobacco you can imagine; i.e cherry vanilla, apple flavor, any or all berry flavor you can think of: cherry, strawberry, blueberry and coconut, cherry smash, bubblegum and expect new tobacco flavors “tomorrow.”

BTW, you don’t need to be limited to what you can buy commercially; check out our blog on flavoring pipe tobacco at home. Mix up your own batch at home and impress RYO lovers with your pipe tobacco blending expertise.

Cigarette machines have moved from that funky $2 roller your parents used back during Woodstock, thinking they were automated and cool. Today’s modern electric cigarette machine will do just about everything for you; load the pipe tobacco, tubes and filters, dial up your smartphone app and then adjust the speed and frequency and you are ready to become your own production facility right there in your kitchen.

Let’s talk about Scotch on the rocks and we don’t mean the cheap stuff, we mean the scotch that’s hanging back on your liquor cabinet that only gets pulled out on very special occasions.

You don’t want to water it down, not even with Evian or whatever the glacier du jour water of the month is – you want to cube that Scotch with just one single solitary cube?

Then go very/very large with the Tovolo King Cube Ice tray, two inches of frozen water that’s gonna last quite a while in your scotch.

You got smoke blowing around and you may want to either move it outside or bring in some sea breeze from outside. Live quite large with the Dyson AMO6 fan – no blades to whirl around and disturb you.

This beast works quietly on your behalf. It’s not cheap (weighing in at close to $500 bucks), but it looks so cool you may want it just so you can impress the neighbors who are hanging out in den trying to sneak a peek into your cigar humidor to get one of the seven premium cigars every home should not be without.

Every pipe tobacco smoker unless you are living in a cave somewhere (no offense meant that’s cool, we all like maximum privacy) you probably have a significant other, friend, or relative who may want to nag you once in a while about your smoking blunts, cigars or a flavored pipe tobacco cigarette.

Check out the best smoke odor exterminator candles on the market (we tested enough to know in the office and at home) and you want flavors (?) we have over 30 to choose from: Clothesline Fresh, Reefer Madness and even Pumpkin Spice for your softer side.

Let’s talk about sink holes in the water you pour money into: yachts. If you won the lottery, sold your application company to Larry Ellison or just make a lot of money (that’s cool) then you want the best yacht money can buy and take a long look at Burgess Yachts: the number one go to luxury yacht manufacturer.

But, like the old saying, if you have to ask how much when you are out in the harbor with the sales rep who is a walking ad for Ralph Lauren you may need to think about a plain old sailboat.

Every pipe tobacco smoker should know how to make an Old Fashioned using premium whiskey. Here is our favorite recipe that every RYO tobacco smoker (male or female) that we cannot take credit for, as it originated some time in the early 1800’s somewhere back east of Chicago:

  • 2 ounces whiskey *your favorite brand of course
  • ½ ounce simple syrup
  • 2 dashes Angostura bitters (only this brand)
  • 1 inch of orange peel, no white pith at all, get rid ofit
  • 1 candied cherry, if you have a sweet tooth
  • Ice for mixing and for serving

Thank you for stopping by and hanging out with us here on our blog. We have a ton of products for RYO tobacco smokers: over 2,500 products in stock including: all popular brands of pipe tobacco, tubes, filters, cigarette machines, candle and sprays too.

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