The Top 5 Cigars for New Years

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The Top 5 Cigars for New Years

As we get on the brink of 2022, we’re still staying warm and bundled up because it is still very much winter. We’re in the most wonderful time of the year—the holiday season—where things both cool off and get even busier at the same time, and we all get to share special moments with our families and friends.

The celebratory season, as per usual, will soon be carried over into a new year. So to help you kick off the second year of the decade with warmth and cheer, toasty and toasting, we’ll be giving you our top 5 cigar recommendations for new years.

First of all, let’s take a brief look at what exactly a good situational cigar for new years would be. During the summertime, most people would prefer to go for a light cigar that’s either sweet or fruity or both, whereas, in the fall, cigars of richer and bolder flavors naturally become crowd favorites.

However, during new years when we’re still deep in winter with at least a month to go before the seasons begin to change, the perfect cigars are sticks that help you brave the chilly weather. Fuller-bodied cigars such as Maduros, and more complex flavors that won’t bow to the cold outside—plus their complex profiles will pair spotlessly with your new years drinks.

With these two factors in mind, let’s move on to the top 5 cigars for new years.

1. Macanudo Maduro Gigante

Macanudo Maduro Gigante

If you’re a lover of flavor, especially those of the boldly sweet variety, as well as a cigar aficionado that leans towards big-ring premium sticks, then the Macanudo Maduro Gigante will be a perfectly satisfying winter cigar for you.

This Macanudo cigar showcases a specially fermented wrapper leaf that is dark, oily, and sweet. It produces a great, full-bodied smoke with a profile of mountains of rich spicy, chocolaty goodness and huge clouds of tantalizing aroma that will fill the room with every puff you take. It’s the perfect cozy new years cigar especially if the only plans you’ve laid out for the countdown into 2022 mostly involve a warm couch and a steamy, creamy drink.


2. Oliva Serie V Maduro

Oliva Serie V Maduro

This stick was once a rare and limited item that you could only get once a year around Christmastime and in different sizes every year. But in recent years, Oliva began to release the Serie V Maduro as a regular production, full-time cigar you can get at any time. The characteristics of this Oliva cigar remain very reminiscent of the holiday-time cigar it used to be with layers of richness, complexity, and explosive flavors.

This fuller-bodied cigar combines delectable wood tones with exquisite coffee notes and a sweetness and spiciness that emanates from the wrapper. It’s a cigar that you can’t help but fall in love with and the best hearty stick to light up in the new year.

3. Vino H. Upmann Pinot Toro 20

Vino H. Upmann Pinot Toro 20

With its rich, evenly distributed flavors, this premium H. Upmann Toro cigar is one that you’ll certainly want to have in your humidor come new years. It’s a full-bodied cigar, which serves an interesting difference from the usual milder H. Upmann cigars. It’s such a great stick because you feel every profile note in every puff you take from this stick, from the gorgeous woody notes to the wonderful nutty aromas. The Vino H. Upmann Pinot Toro 20 is a classic Cuban cigar that will match seamlessly with the classic season that is new years.


4. Hoyo de Monterrey Dark Sumatra Medianoche

Hoyo de Monterrey Dark Sumatra Medianoche


The Dark Sumatra stogie takes Hoyo de Monterrey to a whole new level with its considerably more robust, heartier flavor than that for which Hoyo is famous. This cigar presents a unique, full-bodied mix that is bold and earthy. You will find notes of roasted nuts and leather as well as hints of coffee and chocolate in this stick. Serving sweetness with every puff, this cigar is an excellent choice for a cheery new years.

5. Zino Davidoff 100th Anniversary Diademas

Zino Davidoff 100th Anniversary Diademas

This cigar is for the smoker looking for an exclusive experience this new years. The Zino Davidoff’s 100th Anniversary Diademas is a rare cigar that’s in high demand. It has a very complex composition that still manages to be harmoniously balanced. The flavors it offers include notes of cream, citrus, milk chocolate, and salted caramel. This huge stick provides a long smoke that can span hours, making it perfect if you’re looking to start off your celebration early.

As you choose any of these sticks to light up at New Years, we wish you the warmest and merriest of celebrations. Happy New Year, from us to you!


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