Three Economical but Great Tasting Pipe Tobaccos

A great tasting pipe tobacco that is economical, soothes the palate, works great in your manual or electric cigarette machine (doesn’t clog it up) and that is readily available is a good thing for today’s roll your own folks. 

Before we segue to some specific great tasting pipe tobacco brands let’s talk about what makes the best pipe tobacco

*Should store well and not get dry on you in a matter of days: some “convenience store” pipe tobacco products have not been stored well. Pipe tobacco is not going to age like a cigar. But, it should stay fresh for 4-8 weeks or more. 

*As we touched on earlier, pipe tobacco that is too damp is always going to clog a manual or especially an electric cigarette machine. But. by it’s very nature, pipe tobacco is somewhat damper than cigarette tobacco.

*Good pipe tobacco should have a good burn characteristic like a premium cigar: burning easily, not “running” down the side of your paper. 

*If you are diving into pipe smoking you may want a blend that is milder: we’d recommend checking our out OHM Au Naturalle line of pipe tobaccos – the tobacco leaf is sourced from tobacco farmers we have been working with for years and it has an overall mild taste.

*A bad pipe tobacco is going to give you a nasty tongue burn when you smoke it; this is a telltale sign of cheap grade source tobacco used in the blend. Toss it immediately, it won’t improve with age. 

*Look for pipe tobacco that features Virginia tobacco. It smokes sweet, doesn’t burn and is the go to tobacco leaf that will give you a great smoke every time.


Three Great Tasting Pipe Tobaccos 

4 Aces Pipe Tobacco is not as well known as more popular brands but its a great pipe tobacco. It’s not a high end brand by any means, it’s low cost and can be a bit of an acquired taste or better suited for those who don’t mind a stronger more “in your face” taste. 

  • 4 Aces Pipe Tobacco is available in three great flavors: Mint, Turkish, Mellow and Regular in 1 lb bags of pipe tobacco goodness. And, if you want the strongest flavor go long with the regular blend, it has a strong taste. 

Altadis Pipe Tobacco – you like exoctic flavored pipe tobacco? Well, Altadis pipe tobacco is loaded with chocolate (natural) flavoring that’s going get you awake in the morning. And, this great pipe tobacco brand doesn’t stop there you can get it in Maple, Rum and Maple, Maple Walnut, Praline and Cream, White Burley Cube, Irish Creme, Sunset Rum, Strawberry Delight, Bourbon, Champagne, Butterscotch (yes!!) even the Altadis pipe tobacco signature blend: Bahamian Rhapsody.You are going large on all of these flavors, as they ship in 5lb bag that’s going to last a while.

Criss Cross Pipe Tobacco is another brand that is not as well known as some of the larger brands of pipe tobacco we carry. But, it’s if you check our site you’ll find 3-5 solid reviews of this product. 

  • Nothing fancy in the product, it’s a consistent good tasting pipe tobacco blend that smokes on the mild side, not harsh and no afterbun in the mouth after you smoke a hand rolled cigarette. Criss Cross pipe tobacco comes in three essential flavors: Smooth, Original and Mint, with Original being the strongest of the bunch. 

We get asked frequently: how do I flavor my pipe tobacco at home with a flavor or two that’s a bit on the creative side? Check out our video below on pipe tobacco flavoring. 

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