Cigarette Sales Down – Tobacco Smoking Accessories Up

smoking accessories

Cigarette smoking has gone down over the past decade. Yet, despite this market trend, tobacco smoking accessories such as lighters, rolling papers, cigarette rolling machines, humidors, pipes, pipe cleaners, pouches, and cigar cutters, namely private labels, are making a profit.

Information Resources Inc. (IRI) released a 52-week report on convenience store sales from March 2017 to March 2016, which totaled $252.4 million, a 0.96% increase.

A recently commissioned study was done that explored what cannabis users’ thoughts on the impact of both the Obama and Trump presidencies on legalizing marijuana. This survey polled 300 adult marijuana users around the United States.

When asked how to best proceed with marijuana regulation in the United States, 70% expressed a deep passion for having national legalization of cannabis regulated in the same fashion as alcohol and tobacco. 22% don’t agree with nationalizing cannabis and would instead it left as a State to State issue.

Pennsylvania became the next state to legalize medical marijuana, increasing the number of states with some form of legalization to 24. Similar measures are being considered in several other States as well.

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