Criss Cross Tobacco Reviewed and Three Great Cigarette Rolling Tobacco Brands

We have been carrying Criss Cross Tobacco for many years. It’s a top selling cigarette rolling tobacco for good reason: it’s well made, priced very competitively, smokes mild with a great rolling tobacco taste, “rolls well” in a manual or electric cigarette machine.

Criss Cross Tobacco comes in four great tasting blends: 

  • Criss Cross Smooth Virginia Blend Mega?
  • Criss Cross Tobacco Smooth?
  • Criss Cross Tobacco Mint?
  • Criss Cross Tobacco Original?

What makes Criss Cross Tobacco Great

Criss Cross tobacco blends are a wide cut tobacco, manufactured here in the U.S. and with four unique tobacco tastes that will satisfy the needs of a cigarette rolling tobacco consumer. You are getting a tobacco blend that compares favorably with any other type of premium pipe tobacco – no harsh tastes, the menthol blend will not overpower your taste buds, and their “smooth tobacco blend” is just that, all smooth with nothing harsh whatsoever. #livetobaccolarge

By the way, if you want a stronger tobacco flavor go for Cross Cut’s Original blend, it’s got some real tobacco taste but with harsh “notes” like some of the lower priced rolling tobacco brands.

Try Our Very Own OHM Pipe Tobacco 

Our OHM pipe tobacco has been a top seller for years. In fact its one of the top selling pipe tobaccos in the world and it consistently garners five star reviews on our web site.

OHM cigarette rolling tobacco is made with a great deal of care: we source only the best Virginia pipe tobacco leaves via tobacco growers we have worked with for years, giving you the smoker a rich enough taste to satisfy your taste buds but not so strong it will give you a harsh taste like lower quality cigarette rolling tobacco brands. 

OHM Tobacco comes in these great flavor packed blends:

  • OHM Bold – A full flavored pipe tobacco taste a bit stronger than our other blends. If you are seeking a richer taste this is the right pipe tobacco choice; nothing subtle about this taste it all, it’s full bodied.
  • OHM Blue Tobacco Blend: OHM Blue offers the same great blend as our OHM Bold, but with a bit of a smoother taste; more of a subtle tobacco taste.
  • OHM Mint Tobacco: with a hint of menthol in it; doesn’t overpower you but lets you smoke cool; it’s a refreshing smoke that won’t overpower your taste buds.
  • Gold Mint OHM Rolling Tobacco: OHM Gold Mint is a bit smoother on the taste buds than our standard mint flavor.
  • Silver Rolling Tobacco😕 a smoother taste, this pipe tobacco is for the more experienced pipe tobacco smoker who wants a sophisticated taste; just a great smoke full of rich tobacco flavor.
  • OHM Natural Cigarette Rolling Tobacco: you want a traditional smoke, our OHM Natural blend has nothing but real tobacco flavor.
  • Turkish Red – OHM Turkish Red has an exotic taste for those that are seeking a more life on the edge with their tobacco.
  • Turkish Yellow – OHM Turkish Yellow Blend offers the same great blend as our OHM Turkish Red but with a smoother taste.
  • Super Mint Rolling Tobacco – OHM Super Mint Tobacco offers a refreshing, cool-tasting mint style for those that prefer an extra burst of menthol; this is over the top “all in” mint that makes a real taste statement.

Every Cigarette Rolling Tobacco Consumers Should try Good Stuff Pipe Tobacco?

Good Stuff Pipe Tobacco is a North Caroline tobacco manufacturer and one of the market leaders (check out the reviews on our site) providing high quality pipe and cigarette tobacco for the consumer market.

Good Stuff tobacco manufactures a broad mix of tobacco products with distinct flavors made with good quality tobacco and high quality flavoring elements. Each 16oz (1lb) bag of The Good Stuff pipe tobacco goodness is re-sealable, ensuring the tobacco won’t dry out, this pipe tobacco rolls great in any cigarette machine and we sell a lot of it for good reason.

Good Stuff Pipe Tobacco comes in 6 Unique Flavors

  • Good Stuff – Red: a classic full bodied pipe tobacco; nothing subtle in this blend whatsoever; it’s going to get your taste bud’s attention every time.
  • Good Stuff – Gold: somewhat of a milder flavor than their other blend: smooth taste.
  • Good Stuff – Menthol: just a slight hint of menthol, nothing over the top like some cheaper pipe tobacco blends.
  • Good Stuff – Menthol Gold: somewhat milder than their standard “menthol.”
  • Good Stuff – Silver: a smooth, elegant taste on par with much more expensive pipe tobacco brands.
  • The Good Stuff Natural Pipe Tobacco: more of a traditional tasting pipe tobacco but a step down in flavor from their Red.

Get Full Bodied Taste with Cherokee Pipe Tobacco

Cherokee Pipe Tobacco is a high quality product made by Native American Cherokee Indians, let’s face it, the Cherokee Native Americans have been smoking and producing tobacco much longer than any traditional pipe tobacco company. And, their product reflects this rich tradition.

Cherokee pipe tobacco is long ribbon cut tobacco made in a classic manner, using flue-cured and burly tobacco leaf. You’ll find this blend of tobacco tastes good and it is priced very aggressively. Low cost high value pipe tobacco and if you like a medium to strong taste Cherokee tobacco is going to taste great.

Cherokee Pipe Tobacco comes in these Blends and in flavor packed16oz and 5lb bags.

  • Cherokee Full Flavor: a more robust taste than the rest of their blends, nothing “mellow or subtle” about this great cigarette rolling tobacco blend. #divein
  • Cherokee Ultra Silver: if you like smooth this is the pipe tobacco for you; smooth as the “proverbial silk.”
  • Cherokee Mellow: mellow taste that’s easy on the taste buds, smokes smooth with no harsh aftertaste.
  • Cherokee Turkish: has a classic exoctic taste that’s going to get your attention.
  • Cherokee Menthol: this cigarette rolling tobacco won’t overpower you like some blends, just enough menthol to give you a slight taste of mint, but not too strong.

So that’s our review of great tasting Criss Cross Pipe Tobacco and three great cigarette rolling brands!

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