Getting Rid of Pipe Tobacco or Cigar Smoke at Home: Products and Tips

Unfortunately, not everyone in your social circle or family embraces organic pipe tobacco smoking or firing up a premium cigar after a backyard barbecue meal. And, many off the shelf candles and sprays do little to remove smoke odor in a meaningful way. But, help is on the way – dive into our blog post to learn more.

At best most grocery store candles just cover up or mask residual smoke odors with a really artificial “smell” that lays on top of the smoke odor. There is no real value and they do little to really offset tobacco odors.

When you are buying a smoke odor candle you want a product like our high quality Smoke Odor Eliminator Candles:?

  • You get a economical 70 hours or more of burn time from these candles, not just a 10-20 hour like lower priced products?
  • Our smoke odor eliminator candles are enzyme based, which really help to remove odors, not mask them.?
  • Most homes with or without cigar or tobacco smokers have pets and these candles also help to remove your house of pet odors, including the “left over dog smell” that can hang over a room after your pooch gets wet.
  • The wicks are made from zinc, not a cheap twine that’s going to burn through quickly.?
  • The fragrances our candles use are made with natural oils, not low cost artificial flavors that BTW smell “artificial” too!?
  • You want candles that come in a wide variety of smells: pear, strawberries, lemon, sandalwood, flower, patchouli, mulberry spice and pumpkin. We have all and more in stock and on sale!

Eight? Essential things to Know About Smoke Odor Removal in Your Home?

  1. First, hit those odors at the source; take the ashtray out of the room and wash it frequently, especially if you are fighting cigar odors with 3-4 sticks sitting in the ashtray.?
  2. Common sense: open the window and put a fan in the window to push fresh air into the room.?
  3. Use sprays in conjunction with smoke odor eliminating candles. You’re dealing with a challenging issue and like most things in life coming at the issue with multiple resources is always a good thing. So, think about using a spray (more on this below) in conjunction with a smoke odor removal candle.?
  4. Put out a bowl of white vinegar and let it set out in the room for a day. This is a really practical way to get rid of odors; but, you have to toss the vinegar after it has been sitting out for a day, as it absorbs the odors and gets “stale.”?
  5. Air out the furniture too. Remember fabrics absorb smells just like clothes and if you have a regular smoker in the house that likes a favorite chair in the corner of the room it’s going to pick up some smoke odors and no amount of add on products (candles, sprays or other treatments) will get rid of 100% of the odors.?
  6. Sprinkle some baking soda on the carpet or furniture and let it sit for at least 72 hours and then vacuum it up, along with residual odors.?
  7. Wipe down all walls and residual surfaces using ammonia or white vinegar mixed into water with a teaspoon or two and you may need to do this on a regular basis.?
  8. For some of you an air purifier may be a good thing to purchase especially if you are super sensitive to tobacco smoke.

How to Get the Best out of Smoke Odor Eating Sprays?

Think of smoke odor sprays as an essential product to use for removing smoke odors; but they work much better in conjunction with other products and processes, as opposed to expecting a spray to remove all traces of smoke in your home.?

Like smoke odor eating candles, you are looking for a product that is enzyme based, not a low cost of little value spray that’s made with artificial flavors. These are just going to mask the odor and/or in some cases make it worse by creating cloying smell that hangs over your room.?

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