How Do They Put The Flavor Into Flavored Pipe Tobacco?

How To Put The Flavor Into Flavored Pipe Tobacco

Originally grown in America, Tobacco is an indigenous plant that contains extremely addictive chemical nicotine and cancer-prone chemicals. Tobacco is usually extracted from the leaf of the Nicotiana genus and the Solanaceae (nightshade) family of plants. There are above 70 species of tobacco, but the major crop used for a commercial purpose is  N. tabacum, which is an annually grown herbaceous plant. 

The usage of tobacco is immense, and consumption is different. Many use tobacco for smoking through cigars and cigarettes and pipes, whereas others prefer to sniff or chew Nicotine directly.

Effects Of Tobacco

Tobacco affects and harms the body directly and causes high-risk factors to the heart, lungs, liver, and brain. However, Nicotine is used for Nicotine Replacements Theory, where it is used to cure tobacco addicts. Tobacco, at times, is also used in many religious practices and has excellent medicinal value. It’s a great remedy to dress wounds and to heal the pain.

The Impact Of Tobacco On The American Culture

The culture of smoking tobacco found its way in America when American Indians offered dry Tobacco leaves to Christopher Columbus as a gift. He found it relaxing and felt it also has some healing properties. Intrigued by the properties of tobacco, Americans soon started with its plantation in 6,000 B.C.

Americans’ authentic use of cigars and pipes flourished in America when Thomas Harriet promoted the use of a daily dose of tobacco for healing purposes. And eventually, as time changed, it became a gentleman’s endeavor. It became the synonym of luxury and class. However, for a regular user, the process to put the flavor into Flavored Pipe Tobacco or a cigar isn’t easy to follow. But mentioned below are the definite steps which can help you in this process.

Required Essentials For Filling A Tobacco Pipe

Before proceeding further with it, we need the bare essentials to start the process. Things required for putting the flavor into a flavored tobacco pipe:

  1. A pipe– Use a basic corn cob pipe for the initial experience so that if later you don’t like the experience, you might toss it out of your pocket. 
  2. Pipe Tamper tool – it looks like a screwdriver but a bit blunt. It is used to pack the tobacco inside the pipe. 
  3. Pipe cleaner– as the name signifies, it is used to clean the pipe after its use. To look through the hygiene and for the better longevity of the pipe, Pipe cleaner is a must. 
  4. Pipe Lighter– used to light the pipe. A standard matchbox would also help.
  5. Tobacco– this is where the struggle towards perfectionism starts. Since tobacco is available in many flavors, it gets hard to choose at times. So, I would advise you to start with a mild and blended flavor initially. 

The Procedure Of Filling A Tobacco Pipe

Finally, after being the master of all steps, as mentioned above, you are quite ready for further success. So, take a seat around a quiet corner and enjoy the process.

  • At the start, you need to fill the bowl of your pipe. Make sure initially you don’t fill the space with the tobacco. Instead, keep it less and loose and spread it well across space. 
  • In the second step, go for the bigger pinch to pour and slightly try to tamper it down with the tamper tool. After this fill, your pipe will be finely half filled.
  • In this step, try to cover up the left-out spaces from the top and start to dab it with the tamper slightly to make sure you don’t put much pressure while doing so.

Note: Check and test your pipe before lighting it up. Put the pipe on your mouth and see if the air is passing freely through space. If yes, then Voila! It’s time to hit the light.  

  • To light your tobacco, you can use a standard match stick. Burn your match stick and move in a circular motion on the upper surface of the tobacco. After a while, a false light might appear but continue with the same process until an even true light appears. 

Now you’re ready to hit small and slow draws from your pipe. Enjoy the flavored essence of your tobacco in sheer peace.