How rolling your own tobacco can save you a lot of money monthly

Smoking is not only a hobby but some commitment amongst smokers. If you are a regular smoker, you would understand me if I say how expensive it is keeping up with this lifestyle. And if I guess right, you probably are tired about how much you spend on these packs. You might even be considering leaving your smoking habits behind to save more money. More importantly, in this pandemic, it is not a good idea to spend all that you have over cigarettes and rolling tobacco. The good news is: you can keep on smoking and still save up tons of money!

If you are in the more typical ring, you probably walk down to the gas station to get a pack of cigarettes. Not only that it is not safe during this period, but a pack of cigarettes also costs around $6-12. And, considering that some of us smoke at least 1-2 packs every day, that is a lot of money monthly!

So, how do you save money on smoking cigarettes?

You have to sit in for serious business if you are going to save money on cigarettes. Saving cash on cigarettes does not mean you have to stop smoking. You are encouraged to smoke more and keep more money too. How do you do that?

You should look at it from a broader angle by comparing regular cigarettes to homemade rolled tobacco. Even if it seems like the price differences are quite close, it will reflect over some weeks. Hence, you will have to resort to rolling your own cigarettes.

Just before you think over this idea, look at some of its advantages. First, you will save a lot more rolling your own cigarettes other than buying the pre-made packs. These commercial brands also include their profit, taxes, and many other expenses that drive up prices. Besides, you do not have to expose yourself to the pandemic just for a pack of cigarettes. You might as well go down to the gas station to get gas. But it is not very safe going out for just a pack of cigarettes whenever you need them. More importantly, you can customize your experience with your cigarettes, other than the regular ones sold for every smoker.

How do you roll tobacco?

You can roll your tobacco at home using these few tools:


You are going to roll tobacco. There are several brands of smoking out there, of which you might not know which to choose. Many flavors of tobacco also suit different people, ranging from the strong flavors to the milder taste. You can get your best tobacco at windy city cigars. There, you can get flavors like Blue, Red, Gold, etc. The flavors differ from bag to bag and have different feel and tastes. Making a 20-cigarette batch by rolling will cost you around $1 or even less. So, you can make your 200-piece carton of cigarettes with only $10.00, compared to the $50-60 price of commercial cigarettes.

Cigarette tubes

You can not have cigarettes by just poring tobacco on your palm; you need cigarette tubes. And these tubes are empty cigarette sticks, in which you can stuff whatever filling you love. They also come in various sizes, ranging from the light to the King sizes. They arrive at different price tags, too, so watch out for the price regarding your preference. Typically, you would get cigarette tubes in cartons of 200 pieces for about $2-3. Check out Windy city cigars for every smoking accessory you need.

A rolling machine

A rolling machine, or stuffer, is used to stuff your empty cigarette tubes with tobacco, or other fillings. There are several types of cigarette rolling machines on the market. Some of your best options are the Top-O-Matic, Top-O-Matic T2, and the Mikromatic Rolling Machine (for King sizes only). You can get quality rolling machines at windy city cigars. These stuffers vary between prices and sizes, ranging around $35.

Cigarette case(an optional choice)

You do not need to get a cigarette case, mainly if you are on a very tight budget. You can store your cigarettes in used cigarette boxes that you have emptied. However, these boxes will not hold for long, and might even cause you to lose your new batches of cigarettes. If you are interested in a quality cigarette case, you will only spend between $8 and $20, depending on the model.

So, what is the deal about rolling tobacco?

Well, there is a big deal considering the money you will save afterward. Don’t look at these few costs as what you would spend to smoke this week or the next. It is a considerable investment that will last you years, even decades.

Let us go over how much we will spend rolling tobacco (for 200 pieces)

Tobacco: $10

Tubes: $3

Rolling machine: $35-$50

Cigarette case (optional): $10-$20

Total cost: $58-$83

And your recurring cost will be:

Tobacco: $10

Tubes: $3

Total price: $13

While your fixed cost (rolling machine and cigarette case): $45-$70

Ultimately, you will spend around $40 monthly and about $480 yearly.

For a commercial cigarette brand (1 pack daily), you will spend around:

Daily cost: $5-$12

Monthly cost: $150-$360

Yearly cost: $1800-$4320

Let us look at the price difference (Yearly)

On commercial cigarettes: $1800-$4320

On rolling tobacco: around $480

So, you will save about $1320-$3840 yearly, depending on your preference for cigarettes. Besides, if you buy your tubes and tobacco in bulk, you will save even more! And to think of it, being able to keep over $1,300 yearly on smoking is really good!


Being a lover of tobacco does not mean you should drain your pocket with no savings. And it does not mean you should stop smoking or refer to low-quality products because of finances. You might also see many reasons to patronize commercial cigarette brands. But considering how much you will save in the long run, it is totally worth it, rolling your own tobacco!

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