How to Make the Best Tasting RYO Pipe Tobacco at Home

Free your taste buds and flavor your own pipe tobacco at home. Your choices are only limited by your imagination and DIY materials you have hanging around your house. These “materials” can include booze, flavoring like Vanilla or organic berries from just about anything growing in your garden including: blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, etc

No need to buy any special tools or materials. Dive into your kitchen cabinets and find an airtight plastic container and throw in a (this is your taste test batch of RYO tobacco) handful of OHM Pipe Tobacco into the container. This will be your source container of tobacco that will be flavored.

Next mull over what kind of flavoring agent you want to use for your DIY flavoring. If you like booze taste just about any type of liquor in your cabinet will work from Scotch to a Corial of some type (Brandy is great). Remember this first batch of DIY made at home tobacco is just a test to make sure you like the flavor you are making and that the tobacco smokes great.

Next, put a few drops of your booze or flavoring agent into the pipe tobacco in the plastic container then mix it thoroughly so the flavoring agent soaks into the tobacco properly. Let your “mixture” sit for 24 hours and keep it sealed.

For the taste test, take a pinch or two of the tobacco a day later and drop it into your electric cigarette machine and roll a cigarette or two, light it and see if the taste maps to your expectations. If so then you can mix up a much bigger batch using more tobacco. Remember to go easy on the flavoring; just a few drops will do and don’t forget to store the tobacco in a cool dry place while you are letting the flavoring agent soak into the source pipe tobacco.

RYO Tobacco Basics Every Smoker Should Know

Classic pipe tobacco comes in three primary flavors, assuming we are not focusing on more exoctic “home brew blends” or the more exoctic flavored tobaccos (chocolate, rum, whiskey, etc.); if so your choices are unlimited and expect to see a steady stream

  • Virginia is the classic go to pipe? tobacco, know for a mild somewhat sweet taste and if the tobacco has been properly grown, stored and processed, one of the best in the world and approximately 70% of all pipe tobacco sold in the U.S. comes from Virginia. It’s the most common pipe tobacco for good reason, it tastes great, burns nice and leaves on aftertaste of any kind.
  • Burley is the second most popular type of pipe tobacco and the name refers to how the tobacco is processed, it’s air cured in open barns, helping to give it a unique tastes. It’s not really a unique type of tobacco; the burley curing process can be used to create any type of pipe tobacco. But many manufacturers neglect to tell consumers this again refers to a manufacturing process, not an actual type of pipe tobacco.
  • Cavendish is another term you’ll here frequently, it’s not really a type of tobacco it is similar to Burley in that the name really refers to how the tobacco is processed or manufactured if you will: its typically a Virginia tobacco that has been cut (the leaf) to accentuate the inherent sweetness, to impart a sweeter taste as it is smoked. A Cavendish cut is popular for many flavored cigars and cigarillos for it’s very sweet taste.
  • Spice is another term bandied about when people reference pipe tobacco; it is not a specific type of tobacco, this term refers to 2-3 types of tobacco that have been blended to create a special one of a kind taste. And you’ll find “spice” flavoring all over the map, from booze flavoring agents to berry or fruit flavoring. And, as pipe tobacco manufacturers refine flavoring agents and processes expect to see a more varied selection.?
  • Prices on pipe tobacco are all over the map. But remember pipe tobacco like any consumer product, you are getting what you pay for and lower grade very cheap pipe tobacco products are not going to have as good a taste as a high quality sometimes a bit more expensive pipe tobacco.
  • Pipe tobacco should be stored properly just like a premium cigar. No, you don’t need to store pipe tobacco in a humidor, just stored it in a cool dark place (sunlight is never a good thing) in an airtight container and it should stay fresh for several months, assuming it was stored properly in every step of the manufacturing process.
  • When you get to an end of a bag of tobacco it’s a good idea to take the last few flakes of the tobacco and add mix them with your new tobacco.
  • All good pipe tobacco should arrive fresh, not too moist but not too dry either. Our freshness guarantee is one of the best in the industry. If you aren’t satisfied with a pipe tobacco order please let us know. Customer satisfaction has been a focus for us since we opened our doors ten years ago.
  • Pipe tobacco should never vary tremendously in taste and note our web site has a ton of reviews on most of the pipe tobacco products we sell.

If you have questions about pipe tobacco of any kind please call us. With ten plus years of experience with pipe tobacco we can address any question you might have. And, our inventory of pipe tobacco, cigars, tobacco accessories and even manual and electric cigarette machines is one of the largest on the web and sign up for our Newsletter to get smoking hot deals on pipe tobacco, cigars and related products.

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