OHM Pipe Tobacco

OHM Pipe Tobacco

In every industry, there are top players with products serving as standard high-quality; this is where OHM Pipe Tobacco belongs. Smokers of repute always think OHM Pipe Tobacco because of the exceptional quality of is tobacco. Packed in “fresh-loc” bag the Ohm tobacco is ever fresh, tastes excellent and cost effective in pricing.

The OHM Pipe Tobacco is a result of carefully selected, well-blended American-grown tobaccos. The company brings unmatched manufacturing technique derived from untiring research and development to deliver the product. Therefore, OHM Pipe tobacco is a convergence of quality, innovation, and value where smokers are guaranteed genuine satisfaction for every smoke.

OHM Flavors

The best part of OHM Pipe Tobacco adventure in smoke is the fact that every smoker has his match! Yes, there are a variety of flavors and sizes of smoke to choose while guaranteeing quality. OHM presents its brand of smoke tobaccos in a Fresh-Loc re-sealable bag of 5lb, 16oz, 8oz, 6oz, and 1oz. This style of packaging ensures freshness and consistency every smoke.

Among the delectable OHM Pipe Tobacco flavors include the following:

BOLD – This flavor comes packaged in different sixes. There are 1oz, 6oz, 8oz, 16oz, and 5lb, respectively, to deliver the right package to varying levels of smokers.

BLUE – The blue OHM tobaccos blend has the same packaging choices as the Bold and also offers exotic features. The draw is smooth without any harsh feeling to the throat. This flavor is blended to deliver a pleasant smoking experience.

MENTHOL – The menthol is another excellent flavor, the result of innovation and dedicated craftsmanship in tobacco blend. Also, it comes in various packages as the Bold and Blue flavors.

SILVER – The same great taste, silver comes in all the packs but 1oz; it is, equally, smokers delight likes its other cousins.

MENTHOL GOLD – You can imagine what happens when two great flavors merged. The aromatizing taste is the core feature of menthol and gold coming together for smokers’ enjoyment.

TURKISH BLEND RED – This flavor has an excellent flavor of exquisite smoking fervor! The smell was quite savory with exciting, smooth burning experience. The Ohm Turkish Red flavor offers an exotic spice-like taste for great smoking. This flavor is available in all packages but 1oz.

TURKISH BLEND YELLOW – OHM Turkish Yellow Blend offers a similar extraordinary mix as our OHM Turkish Red however with a smoother taste, made by utilizing mellower leaves from similar plants. Mixed, for those searching for a partner for the day, this mix is unquestionably fulfilled with a smooth yet fascinating flavor.


OHM Silver Pipe Tobacco

OHM Silver Pipe Tobacco – 1lb Bag


Why smokers prefer OHM Pipe Tobacco

There is always a good reason smoking veterans would prefer a product in a long list of competing items. Of course, the value for money is the most consideration any buyer would buy a product, and below are reasons smokers prefer the OHM brands:

    Smooth burning, great taste, and great all-around product!
    The exotic “Spice Road” type flavor I love in that is found as close as possible (for me) in Ohm Turkish Red
    It saves smokers a lot of money
    It’s very smooth tobacco I’ve never had any issues with it being too strong or dried out or old
    better than what I use to smoke
    Top-notch tobacco! You cannot go wrong with this.
    An excellent satisfying smoke and at a price that cannot be beaten!
    Smooth and sweet, bold flavor. Honestly surprised for the price.
    It’s robust and strong

Not many smokers would wait for a second more to fired one up after rolling up to 10 sticks of smoke. It becomes even more tempting to smoke it all with a superb product such as OHM tobacco if you don’t already know this is the product many smokers won’t do without! It offers a comfortable and enjoyable draw with complete exquisite taste.  The smoke is light, quality, and did not burn the throat at all!

What makes OHM Pipe Tobaccos stands out?

Until recently, not many smokers pay attention close attention to this brand. This may not be your fault, but since smokers are becoming more sophisticated in taste and need, manufacturers are measuring up. The response to quality demand from smoker has delivered eight exotic brands that offer a few mixes and flavors. With OHM Pipe Tobacco, smokers can get their favorites at the right packaging measure in 5 options of 1oz, 6oz, 8oz, 16oz, and 5lb. It is such living up to smokers need that distinguished OHM from the competition and why you should join the trail.


The new thing happening is OHM is changing the packs of the Mint and Mild Mint to be Menthol and Menthol Gold separately in conformity with FDA guidelines regarding specific flavor descriptors. The company takes the trouble to meet regulatory, and smokers need in their range of exotic product.

Coming back home, Windy City Cigar measures to its promise to always bring you premium quality products and that is why we take the OHM brands with a difference! Our store is dedicated to smokers, and we owe you a duty to keep you up to date with industry development.

If you need exceptional quality smoke or you are RYO enthusiast and need great tobacco to Roll Your Own Cigarettes, I urge you to talk a stroll down the aisle of our swell stocked smoke store. The OHM Pipe Tobacco features among the best of our collection, including OHM tobacco accessories to give you remarkable smoking experience.

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