Proper Ways To Store Your Smoking Pipes

Proper Ways To Store Your Smoking Pipes

Places To Store Your Smoking Pipes When Not In Use

You might have come across two types of smokers, a chain smoker, and occasional smokers. Now, chain smokers will use their smoking pipes all day and maybe all night, as well. However, occasional smokers need a safe place to store their smoking pipes when they are not using them. So, what would be the safe storage option for your smoking pipes? 

Well, the answer to this question depends on the storage time and the number of pipes. So, if you have your spare smoking pipe right in your hand, let’s start with the places you can store the others.  

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You Need Storage For The Long Term

If you are regularly circulating your smoking pipes, it will take around five days for it to be fresh again for a smoke. However, when you keep any of your pipes for the long term, it will have numerous after-effects. Firstly, you will notice a swelled up-pipe due to the variation in humidity. After all, it’s made of wood, and the moisture will definitely have a role to play. 

The humidity will make a U-turn if the material is different. In other words, the pipe will become brittle, so when you light your pipe, it might crack. What you need to do is keep your smoking pipes away from the direct sunlight. It will keep the moisture content away, and you can enjoy a puff or two after a long time, as well.


A Short-Term Solution For You

You got a clear idea that you have to keep your smoking pipes away from sunlight. However, if you smoke regularly, what should be safe storage to keep your pipes? Assuming that you have spare pipes to enjoy your smoke when others are resting. So, let’s start with that.

  • A Rack Full Of Pipes

Probably, the best place to store your smoking pipes. Just give it a thought, you can store 5-6 pipes at a time, and that is too hanging in a safe position. Moreover, the pipes will receive enough air to negate the moisture content. Most importantly, you can stack your pipes on a scheduled basis. In other words, you can place them according to the day, which will make your smoke perfect and fresh. All these benefits with one small rack, you won’t get a better deal than this. 

However, you need to remember that the pipe rack is only suitable for short term and less number of pipes. Otherwise, you need to have an array of racks at your wall.


  • A Designated Cabinet

You might not have too many racks at your house. But, what you can do is have a designated rack for your smoking pipes. The best part is that you can easily find a cabinet in different sizes, so you can arrange your pipes accordingly. And at the same time, make way for others to come. There is one thing that you should know; these cabinets are mostly antique and quite rare. So, you might have to pay a lot to get your hands on these. 

The cabinet storage system is basically for real collectors. Another positive aspect is that these cabinets are a masterpiece of beauty. Therefore, having them in your house will add to the glamour. 


  • Airtight Jar Storage

Apart from moisture, you have to protect your smoking pipes from dust, as well. Definitely, you will not want any essence of dust in your smoke. For that, you’ve got the option of storing your smoking pipes in an airtight jar. This will also keep the pipes away from the direct sunlight and the dust, as well. So, the next time you pick a pipe to smoke, you can enjoy a clean and fresh puff. Now, there are numerous variations of jars available, and you can choose on your preference.  

Store And Rotate Your Pipes For A Better Smoke

You can have any of these storage for your smoking pipes based on your collection. And, if you exceed the size of any of these storage, you’ve got a bigger option with you. So, don’t hesitate to collect smoking pipes. Now, you’ve got enough reasons to cherish your collection. So, what would be the best storage for you right now?