Roll Your Own Tobacco & Break Free from the Corporate Titans

If you are a smoker there is no reason not to roll your own tobacco – it’s much cheaper than pre-packaged rolling tobacco, better quality, fresher and you can roll you own in any volume you need to make using an under $25 cigarette machine.

One roll you own tobacco brand you should take a deep dive into is Kentucky Select roll your own tobacco: tastes great, competitively priced and we sell a ton of it. For good reason. It’s a great brand of pipe tobacco.

While you are here on the blog and thinking about topics that relate to roll your own tobacco you should understand how to flavor your own RYO cigarettes using these tips and don’t forget to check out our video too.

Flavoring your Roll Your Own Tobacco

  1. Think small when you start; take a drop or two of your favorite flavoring “agent” and add it to a couple of handfuls of tobacco to make a home made brew for RYO cigarettes.
  2. Once you mix your tobacco thoroughly put it in an airtight container and store it for a day or two in the dark recesses of your house.
  3. Pull it out of storage and let it sit out in the open (not in direct sunlight) for an hour or two.
  4. Taker your roll your own tobacco that’s been flavored toss it into your manual cigarette machine and roll up a RYO cigarette and give it a taste.
  5. If it tastes great then make a larger batch of roll your own tobacco and you are good to go for a month or two.

We get asked a lot about a machine for an RYO cigarette production. You can’t beat an electric cigarette machine if you are smoking a pack or two a day; but if your RYO cigarette production is lower you can get by with a manual cigarette machine.

Check out our review of selecting a manual or an electric cigarette machine.

Dive into our YouTube video of five great roll your own tobacco brands we recommend.

Ready for a Blast of Great Tobacco Flavor? Check out our OHM Au Naturalle Pipe Tobacco

Our very own OHM Au Naturallle pipe tobacco is manufactured to exacting standards. The tobacco leaf is sourced from a group of tobacco growners we have working with for ten plus years and it’s manufactured to exacting standards.

OHM Au Naturelle Pipe Tobacco comes in three great tasting flavors too, no need to cook up a home brew to flavor your RYO cigarette.

  • Red: A more robust flavored pipe tobacco if you want a little stronger tobacco.
  • Gold: Get a richer somewhate smoother taste with our “Gold” and it never drys out on you and smokes great every time.
  • Methon: You want a hint of menthol then this blend of pipe tobacco is the right choice.

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