Rolling Trays by Kashmir

There are many different ways to enjoy Cannabis. However, if you enjoy smoking your herb, having a proper rolling tray is an important accessory that any weed enthusiast should have, whether you’re rolling marijuana or topping your bowl.


Rolling trays also have multiple styles and designs to choose from, so you can find the right tray to fit your unique style. Plus, having a cool rolling tray makes a good impression on your friends or anyone coming over to have a toke.

What are Rolling Trays used for?

One thing that you cannot leave behind when smoking is your good ‘ol rolling tray. These trays complete the smoking experience helping enthusiasts achieve that perfect roll. Rolling trays keep all your herbs and accessories organized in one place, as they get designed with sufficient dimension. On top of that, the flat surface of the tray helps smokers roll their joints faster.


It is also important to note that not all rolling trays get designed with a flat surface. A rolling tray may be as plain as a flat surface or as complex as a wide platform with elaborate compartments and sections. Some trays that get sold commercially have raised edges and recessed surfaces to hold all of your herbs. Not to mention, some sellers allow customers to customize their trays based on their preferred designs and sizes.


Why do You Need to Use a Rolling Tray?

A rolling tray can have many advantages, making it a no-brainer for any stoner’s toolkit. The most important one is it helps weed smokers achieve the perfect joint or blunt.


Here are two of the main reasons why a rolling tray is vital:

Keeps Weed in Place

Marijuana does not come cheap. It is not something you would want to spill around on the floor. Instead of hastily trying to salvage the otherwise wasted portions, you can keep everything in place using a reliable rolling tray.

Streamlines Joint or Blunt Rolling

The initial function of a rolling tray is to make the perfect joints and blunts more manageable and easy to do. We all know that a precisely rolled joint leads to that smooth, flavorful slow burn that makes smoking more enjoyable. Apart from learning the techniques and acquiring the rolling paper with the highest quality, it is far from rolling the perfect joint without the proper tools.


The tray’s design ensures that all cannabis portions accumulate in one place, on top of paper or blunt wrap. As a result, maneuvering the paper is relatively easy, and making the perfect joint is like a piece of cake.

Rolling Tray Designs To Choose From

Rolling trays come in different patterns, designs, shapes, and sizes. To give you an idea, here are some of the things you can consider before availing of a rolling tray:

Rolling Tray Size

Some sellers manufacture rolling trays in different dimensions, perfect for those looking for trays they can bring on the go and accommodate large groups. If you want plenty of room to make that ideal joint, it is imperative to go for a larger rolling tray.

Unique Features

As mentioned, not all rolling trays are created equal. Some have unconventional features that weed enthusiasts never thought they needed. For instance, one product comes with a touch pocket where you can store your herbs. It is ideal for those who got too much than anticipated but wanted to save the rest later.


Another noteworthy feature in rolling trays is a couple of holes drilled throughout their surface. These holes are in different sizes that cater to various types of rolling papers. It is more convenient to carry your herbs around while keeping the papers and joints in place. Although certain rolling trays are simply flat and built to make rolling more comfortable, some have additional holes and compartments that enable the rolling tray to get to the next level.

Customize Your Tray

Rolling tray distributors provide their customers the freedom they want when it comes to the design of their purchase. Apart from a myriad of designs to choose from, weed enthusiasts can personalize their rolling tray. While it helps them put a piece of themselves to their special tool, it also helps other people learn from them a little more. All they need to do is to submit a picture of their preferred design and have the manufacturer print it to their rolling tray.

Rolling Tray Types

Apart from many designs to choose from, various types of rolling trays cater to your every need. These are classified based on the materials utilized to manufacture the trays.


Here’s a closer look at these rolling tray materials:


Among all of the materials in this list, metal is often the most affordable option. Metallic rolling trays are available in various shapes and designs depending on your taste. They are versatile and can be a fun collector’s item, despite their lack of amenities.


Wooden rolling trays have more designs to choose from than the other materials in this list. Not to mention, weed enthusiasts can also indulge themselves with unique features and elaborate details created through carving the wood. You can expect bare wooden trays to be a rare sight considering that most of its designs have holes and compartments for storing joints and rolling papers. It is larger than metallic rolling trays making it harder to bring during travel or long trips. Instead of this, one can expect wooden rolling trays to be priced higher than metallic ones.


Plastic trays are a versatile and cost-effective set of rolling trays. One can expect that its quality is slightly lower than other materials mentioned in this list. Even though it is not as sturdy, plastic rolling trays still do the job well. Just like wooden trays, some plastic trays also have compartments helping smokers maximize their storage space. It is also the perfect tool that you can bring during your travels.


Glass rolling trays offer unique designs and sophistication that other materials cannot provide. Although they come in various sizes, they are less convenient to travel with than metal or plastic trays.

Are Rolling Trays Worth It?

In every smoker’s kit, a rolling tray is something that you will not want to forget. It is extremely useful in storing various accessories, including rolling papers, lighters, filters, and herbs. Putting together everything that you need for that chill smoking session in one place makes it harder to misplace your essentials. When you utilize a rolling tray, you eliminate the possibility of smoke particles sticking in surfaces around your home due to repeated use.


Furthermore, rolling trays allow weed enthusiasts to share a piece of themselves with their friends. The shape and design of your tray already say a lot about you, so it is only justified to purchase something that you like! Avid smokers even collect various rolling tray designs to show off and treasure. Trays also make a great personalized gift because of the almost infinite range of designs and custom choices. Whatever your friend or family member enjoys, there will always be a tray that matches their personality.


Rolling trays are a worthy purchase as they serve as a tool that holds all of your smoke accessories together. All you need to do is to keep your joint rolling and enjoy a good smoke.

Who Makes the Best Rolling Trays?

Having a designated rolling tray by your side is integral for every weed enthusiast out there. You will never know the sheer satisfaction of having this tool until you finally decide on throwing away your flimsy cardboard box or coffee tray.


Although there are plenty of rolling tray manufacturers out there, all of them serve the same purpose. It should keep your smoke accessories in one place and assist you in achieving that perfect joint. With that said, the best rolling trays depend on your preferences. Kashmir offers rolling trays in the ideal size that gives plenty of room for your herbs and rolling papers. With 11*7.5 dimensions, it is big enough to carry all your supplies yet small enough to be taken on long trips. The edges have extra height and rounded corners to ensure that no herb residue gets stuck anywhere.


How Much Do Rolling Trays Cost?

Rolling trays by Kashmir offer a variety of designs perfect for any type of smoker out there. Whether you have a loud personality or want to keep things pretty chill and simple, a design specially made for you. These rolling trays come at the right size to keep all your herbs and smoking accessories organized. Priced at $6.99, you will surely find a rolling tray that accommodates your preferences and needs.

Bottom Line

Along with their excellent rolling papers, Kashmir offers an exceptional line of rolling trays for users to choose from, making the process of rolling joints and blunts a breeze. Regardless of your experience in rolling a joint or blunt, rolling trays aim to make the precise roll achievable in no time.