Tech Companies – Now Embracing Marijuana over Tobacco

Huge selection of Online tobacco to choose from.

Trying to obtain a ‘smoke shop’ for weed in a non-legalized State will make for some odd conversations still. If you’ve been in a head shop before then your familiar with the phrase, “This is for tobacco only”. Of course the truth is that people are buying them to smoke weed in and the tech companies are taking notice by endorsing marijuana over tobacco.

One main area to pay attention to is how funding for cannabis startups has rose dramatically in the last year, while e-cigarette startups is declining.

TechCrunch did a survey and found out that not one tobacco, cigarettes, or e-cigarettes company had collected any funding in the last year. On the other hand at least 45 different marijuana and cannabis companies did.

Washington DC has also played a role in diminishing the e-cigarette reputation by tarnishing its image as a cigarette replacement. Thus Venture Capitalists haven’t been throwing themselves at the online tobacco, or e-cigarette business, rather taking notice in the cannabis and marijuana industries.

Who knows maybe someday these head shops will finally just say what all those pipes and bongs are for (wacky tobacky).

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