Ten Issues Every Pipe Tobacco Smoker Should Know

It’s a new world order for sourcing and consuming the best pipe tobacco. As most of you know, but to underscore the shifting cultural mores and the wealth of product options open to you here is our take on what you need to know.

First, to smoke or not in public: your not a leper by any means; but, probably better for all if you hold in place on firing up in public, especially if you bump into a gourmand who thinks their delicate sensibilities will be ruined for life at the whiff of any foreign substance, pipe tobacco or otherwise. Be cool.

You are no longer chained to the corporate cigarette tobacco manufacturers. You can now save a ton of money living that wild and free RYO lifestyle and buying in bulk and then doctoring up your own blend at home like your local moonshiner down the road (or not).

But, if you are the resourceful type and you want to mix a batch or two of pipe tobacco at home then open the liquor cabinet, pull out the bottle, separate your favorite blend (we hope it’s OHM Tobacco Au Naturelle), sprinkle in a drop or two of your favorite spirits or even vanilla extract or whatever suits your taste buds and then make your own blend.

  • Note: for a deeper dive on our how to “do it yourself pipe tobacco blend” then check out our earlier blog post chock full of details on the process.

Speaking of taste you can now get pipe tobacco ready made online or at your favorite local tobacco shop in just about any flavor you can imagine from the sublime to the ridiculous: cherry, strawberry, blueberry, peach, wild cherry, vanilla cherry, chocolate, malted mile (no not yet) but if your taste buds and imagination can work up a desire you can now get any flavor under the sun.

james bond smokes a premium cigar

Go manual or go electric in terms of equipment: you can start off spending under ten bucks for that old hold it in your fingers roller that was popular back in the Woodstock days all the way up to spending a couple of grand for an electric cigarette rolling machine that will crank out smokes by the hundreds per hour and give you an alert on your phone with the batch is ready.

If your taste run to the more exotic and you like smoking a hookah pipe around the old wood stove then you are all in with these choices too; we stock about ten different types of hookah tobacco and the communal water pipe (not the bong variation) is definitely coming back into style.

Your going long on your tobacco consumption and premium cigar is on your shortlist then here are our five issues you should be aware of: you can get a good premium cigar for under ten bucks, no need to go with the hand rolled Cuban unless you have a Rolls Royce sitting in the driveway, savor a stick as you would anything else in life, luxuriate around the tactile experience: cutting, lighting and smoking it should be relaxing, belly up to the bar and get a humidor if you are gonna smoke more than ten premium cigars a month and pay it forward and share when/where you can.

You can pair pipe tobacco or a premium cigar with just about any libation under the sun as most of you know. The old days of pairing a robust red wine with a good cigar (as an example) are out the window. Fire up a Swisher Sweets chocolate cigarillo and go long or deep into the fridge and pair it with a craft brew that makes sense or a desert wine if you are trying to impress your bae with your sophistication.

If you are looking to blend pipe tobacco for a pipe in a more sophisticated manner know you need to have an in-depth understanding of the characteristics of each pipe tobacco your are blending and what to add or subtract to make the blend sweeter, stronger, etc.

  • Always start small when blending pipe tobacco with 3-5% at a time and use the tobacco your taste buds are familiar with as the based component and expect some trial and error in the process; hence, the recommendation to start with a small amount and build from there.
  • Each ingredient can drastically change the taste of the pipe tobacco, the taste, aroma, burning qualities and the “notes” left hanging in the room where you are smoking.

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