The Five Coolest RYO Tobacco Products for Summer

It’s a summer heatwave across the U.S. from here in Chicago to just about any state in the Union including Alaska, where heat records are being broken, like the rest of the country. 

Our very own OHM Pipe Tobacco 1lb bag of Mint is going to deliver a full on mint blast every time your roll up a cigarettes using this one of a kind rolling tobacco. 

We make this mint RYO tobacco using Burley and Virginia tobacco grown here in the good old USA, age it properly so it smokes smooth and rich and then add organic mint flavoring. Not too much of the latter, just enough to give you a taste of mint that’s going to round out the flavor of this fine pipe tobacco.

  • OHM Pipe Tobacco 1lb Bag Mint comes in a bag with a “Fresh-loc” seal that zips closed to keep your tobacco as fresh as the day you got it- all the way to the very last puff.
  • This is not old school mint, with a harsh overarching strong taste of mint. You are going to just get a slight hint of mint with this great blend of tobacco.

Our OHM Au Naturalle Menthol Pipe Tobacco is another taste of summer pipe tobacco that will give you a great tasting menthol smoke. Au Naturalle Menthol has a nice spearmint taste that’s not harsh, just tasty spearmint that smokes smooth and light.

All of our OHM Pipe Tobacco Au Naturalle products use high quality Virginia tobacco leaves that we have been sourcing for many years from growers who use traditional growing methods. 

OHM Au Naturalle pipe tobacco has no pesticides or additives other than for flavoring elements, is manufactured to our exacting standards, aged and stored in temperature controlled facilities, ensuring a rich and satisfying taste experience.

Au Naturalle Pipe Tobacco comes in these other blends:

  • Red: has a bit of a stronger taste, nothing harsh, just a bit more tobacco flavor than our other blends. 
  • Gold: a bit of a smoother taste than the rest of our product line. Think smooth smoking RYO tobacco.

We carry a full line of RYO tobacco cigarette tubes and filters from all leading manufacturers including: Gambler, Shargio, Beretta, HotRod, Premier, Top, Zig-Zag and Zen. Our prices on all of our tobacco accessories are always discounted and we get our products into your hands quickly due to our Midwest location.

It’s summer time and you are hanging out with friends around the hookah and smoking cool tobacco. We carry a full product line of hookah tobacco products from Al Fakher, Jewel, Starbuzz and we also stock Starlight charcoal. 

  • Our prices on hookah tobacco are as great as our product selection and if you have questions about a taste of a specific type of hookah pipe tobacco please give us a call.

We carry a full line of manual and electric cigarette machines and all of our product pages have embedded links to each cigarette machine that will give you a short overview of how they operate. Like all of our RYO tobacco products, our manual and electric cigarette machines are priced aggressively and all of these machines come with an industry standard warranty (typically one year).

You want premium cigars or machine made cigars with the best prices and service to match? You have come to the right place for selection on cigars and RYO tobacco products. We stock over 2,5000 products and we are adding new tobacco products, cigars and accessories all of the time. 

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