Top 5 Cigarette Rolling Machines for 2023

To all our cigar, cigarette, and tobacco product aficionados out there, we all at Windy City Cigars hope you are having a wonderful Year.

Now, we’re certain that many of us are all about making the best decisions this year. And so if you are an avid smoker, what better decision is there to make than saving money in the long run by making your own cigarettes?

All this decision entails is getting your own rolling machine. However, there are so many options of machines to choose from in the market that deciding which one is the best for you may not be so easy. So because we care about you and want you to make only the best decisions this year, we’ve prepared a guide for the best rolling machines to get for 2023!

We will be recommending the best 5 machines and giving you ample details on each one to enable you to select the best machine that will suit all of your cigarette rolling purposes. We will also be weighing things like the pros and cons of each machine, the prices, how much each rolling machine weighs, and the benefits of owning an electric cigarette rolling machine versus a manual one.

So without further ado, let’s jump right into the top 5 cigarette rolling machines for 2023!

1. The Powermatic 2

Best Cigarrette Rolling Machines SHOP POWERMATIC 2

The Powermatic 2 is one of the best-known electric cigarette rolling machines. It is a very easy machine to use. All you have to do is fill its chamber with tobacco, plug in your cigarette tube, push the lever down, and voila! You have a cigarette ready in seconds. This also goes to show that it is a very fast and automatic cigarette injector machine as it produces one cigarette at a time in mere seconds.

The machine comes with a hopper so it can hold extra tobacco and a removable tobacco tray. The Powermatic 2 is designed to have fewer jams than the version before it (Powermatic 1). It can inject tobacco into either King-size or 100mm cigarette tubes. The machine is lightweight (weighs 2.25 pounds) yet still very sturdy. It is also small enough to easily sit on a tabletop and take up very little space.

If you’re a first-timer when it comes to cigarette rolling machines, the Powermatic 2 would be a great machine for you. Also, it is the most suitable machine for making perfect cigarettes with loosely packed tobacco. Therefore, if you don’t like your cigarettes packed too tightly, this is the perfect cigarette machine for you as well. It retails for $85 at, which is remarkable for a machine of its caliber.

2. The Powermatic 3

Cigarette Rolling Machine SHOP POWERMATIC 3

The Powermatic 3 is a much larger, much heavier, and more heavy-duty machine. It is very sturdy as well. It has a digital counter which enables you to keep track of how many cigarettes you’ve made with the machine as well as to measure your desired cigarette density in case you prefer your cigarettes to be tightly packed or loosely packed. The cigarette number and cigarette density are shown on a digital display on top of the machine. It is easy to load up and get your cigarettes rolled up in a jiffy. It operates solely with the press of a button.

The machine also has automatic jam protection and can roll both 100mm and King-size cigarettes. It has stronger gears and automated internal parts that make for extremely smooth injection. One major feature of the Powermatic 3 is that it has an extra-large hopper that you can load up with enough tobacco to roll 30 cigarettes at a go. Unlike the Powermatic 2 where you have to refill the tobacco chamber for each cigarette, the Powermatic 3 rolls up to 30 cigarettes at once as long as you’ve loaded in enough tobacco!

The Powermatic 3 weighs 7 pounds—more than three times the size of the Powermatic 2. It is also a little bit pricier at $299 on The machine might take up a lot of space but it does save you a lot of time and work with rolling your cigarettes. You’ll find that it is well worth the money and space when you really get into rolling your cigarettes with this machine. It is the perfect investment for someone who rolls cigarettes not only for personal use but also for commercial purposes.

3. The Powermatic 4

Rolling Your Own Cigarettes SHOP POWERMATIC 4

The Powermatic 4 is one of the newest rolling machines on the market and has the most high-tech, augmented features in the Powermatic line of cigarette rolling machines. The Powermatic 4 is just about the same size as the Powermatic 2 but it comes with a much larger hopper that allows you to load in enough tobacco to make up to 10 cigarettes in one sitting. It is just as easy to use; you fill the hopper, position your cigarette tube, press the lever down, and you have one cigarette ready to light up.

Like the other machines, it makes both King-size and 100mm cigarettes. It has a high-precision cutter to enable the production of perfect cigarettes, as well as electronic jam protection. It is the smallest in size in the Powermatic line, weighing about 2 pounds and making it very portable too.

It has a hard plastic housing, a titanium-plated compressor, and an aluminum alloy frame, all of which make it very sturdy, sleek, and durable. It also has a spoon track which makes for the easiest, smoothest injection that saves you a lot of time when rolling multiple cigarettes. It is the perfect cigarette machine for someone who wants something super simple to use that they can easily carry around too. It retails for $89.99 which is simply amazing for the value that you get from this machine.

4. Top-O-Matic T2

Top-O-Matic T2 SHOP T2

Here, we switch over to the series of manual machines that you can opt to buy in 2022. A manual machine is for the cigarette roller who prefers to take their time crafting their sticks rather than dash through it with an automatic injector that hands you a rolled cigarette each time you blink. One of the best-known manual cigarette rolling machines is the Top-O-Matic T2. It is a very sleek machine that is made of steel and plated with chrome which makes it rustproof.

It works with both 100mm and King-size cigarette tubes, and the lengths can be changed by simply adjusting the speed lock system. It is designed with a non-slip mat at the bottom so it grips onto the table and stays perfectly in place while you make your cigarettes. It is a compact machine that is tabletop-friendly, weighing about 3 pounds. It is very simple to use: load it, spin the lever, and your cigarette is ready. One big difference is that the T2 has no hopper, so you have to load it precisely each time you want to roll a cigarette.

All in all, it is a great heavy-duty machine that will last you a very long time and save you a lot of money. Plus, it is very affordable at $61, so if you’re a budget-minded RYO smoker, this machine is the one for you.

Fun fact: The T2 was actually named after the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, Terminator 2.

5. Top-O-Matic

Top-O-Matic, Cigarette Rolling SHOP TOP-O-MATIC

The Top-O-Matic machine is only slightly smaller than its T2 version. It is also a very heavy-duty manual machine and works generally in the same way as the T2. It is made of stainless steel with a chrome coating as well. It will last its user for very long as it is easy to clean and has interchangeable filter options.

It rolls both 100mm and King-size cigarettes. The machine weighs a little less than the T2, so it is even more compact and tabletop-friendly. It is the most affordable of all the rolling machines, retailing at just $48! This also means that if you ever need to replace any of the parts of the Top-O-Matic, you’ll find it very cheap and easy to do so.

Electric Cigarette Rolling Machines versus Manual Cigarette Rolling Machines.

Electric cigarette rolling machines are much easier to use because of their automatic functions and the fact that they give you the option of rolling multiple cigarettes easily and at once. They also give neater products and have electronic jam protection to stop the machines from jamming on you.

Where the manual machines may trump the electronic ones is in the aspect of price. Manual cigarette rolling machines are much more affordable. Furthermore, they give more in terms of being able to use them at any time. You may not always have a power source to operate an electronic machine, but with a manual machine, you’ll never need one.


Owning your own cigarette rolling machine in 2022 poses numerous benefits such as saving you money and giving you the option of rolling your tobacco and herbs at any time and according to your preferences. With the best cigarette rolling machine for your needs, it is easy to have your cigarette whichever way you like it. All you have to do now is assess each machine and choose the one that will meet all your cigarette rolling needs this year! You can also use Kashmir Power Mini Injector for rolling herbs and tobacco.
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