What Do Trump’s Cuba Changes Mean for Premium Cigars

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Last month, President Trump gave a speech telling the American people that the United States needs to change its policy of working with Cuba. This is one more attempt at trying to undo everything President Obama has done while he was in office.

While President, Mr. Obama made several changes with how the U.S. works with Cuba the Cuban embargo is still in place and all Americans now have the opportunity to visit Cuba freely. The U.S. now has its embassy back up and running and coupled with free travel for Americans several U.S citizens are taking advantage by bringing home premium cigars.

The Trump administration wants to weaken the Cuban government and to limit their government’s involvement in the tourism business. This sounds par for the course for Mr. Trump as he openly admits to running his business first and foremost. Can anyone say Mar-a-lago? Trump has had backroom deals with the Russians along with working closely with Saudi Arabia, who the last time we checked signed off and funneled all of the terrorist’s paychecks that led to the Sept 11th attacks.

There are no official changes as of today and for the most part we hope this is only Trump blowing hard again and making noise to get noticed. The Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), recently published a Q&A explaining some of the travel restrictions being proposed. However, it still remains unclear if anything will change regarding travel changes to Cuba. All we know is that all Americans can travel to Cuba, visit family, or friends, take in the sites and oh yes…..purchase and bring home premium cigars to the United States from Cuba.

Greg Elam –
Content Writer – Windy City Cigars

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