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Acid Cigars Online

When it comes to cigar, there are different brands of it and the acid cigar is a brand that is popular. It is the ultimate passion of cigar lovers to try almost different varieties of quality cigars on the market, whether classic or the latest arrivals. As a smoker, if you are following branded cigars, you must have stumbled upon acid cigars.

Acid cigars are dominating the market now because they offer great flavors that most other cigars don’t provide. Acid cigars are different from all other varieties of cigars, but what makes acid cigars different may not be as obvious as the first sight. It is when they are taken out of their tubes or cellos that you will immediately notice how different they are. Immediately they are taken out of their cellos, the flavor would have shown that the cigar is acid cigar because their flavors are absolutely fantastic.

The acid cigars aromas come from special mixture carefully selected for each blend from more than 140 herbal and botanical essences. Because acid cigars are great, several cigar companies have tried to replicate the blend, but have failed because the secret to its unique infusion is still well kept.

When it comes to cigar, quality and consistency is the king. Acid cigars are handmade with Nicaraguan filler and binder tobaccos rolled in different popular wrapper leaves. These cigars have developed huge following ever since they hit the market. Here is what you need to know about acid cigars:

  • They are infused with flavor
  • They are hand-rolled in Nicaragua
  • They are color-coded for your convenience

Unlike most cigars that are made with tobacco from just one country, acid cigars are made by blending tobacco from different countries (like four countries) and rolled into just one stick. These cigars are premium and are rolled by hand instead of a machine. For the best smoking experience, here are few of the acid cigars out there and you can choose the blend you like and have a great smoking experience.

Acid Blondie cigars

acid Blondie cigars

Acid Blondie cigars are excellent cigars to sit down, kick back and enjoy. These cigars use a great combination of mild tobacco with a rich wrapper that is skilfully and carefully blended with essential oils, best natural herbs and floral botanical. The cigar is totally unique and not like the traditional cigars. With the great aroma and unique taste, Acid blondie cigars are people’s choice. Not only that the acid blondie cigars are great, but they also are cost-effective and always provide outstanding smoking experience.

Acid Kuba

kuba acid cigars

Imbued with its intense fragrance characteristics, Acid Cuba cigar is one of the best selling acid cigars in the world because it has become people’s favorite. Ask any cigar lover and they will tell you how aromatic, tasteful and enjoyable acid kuba is. With a variety of sizes, wrappers and blend in the mix, this cigar will give you the best smoking experience like never before. Each blend holds new explorations in tobacco curing. If you have not smoked this grade-A infused cigar, this is the perfect time to try it and see the difference.

Acid Krush cigars

acid cigars

Handmade in Nicaragua, acid Krush cigar is infused with botanicals and a secret blend of herbs to create a unique smoking experience. These small in stature and flush in taste cigars are sure to satisfy you. If you are an acid fan on the go, this is the perfect cigar for your enjoyment. Packaged in a collectible tin, you can enjoy the revolutionary and unique acid taste in acid Krush cigar. With the presence of natural and earthy tobacco, the finish is slightly smooth. Don’t forget to take it along when you are going out because you will need it for a fun-filled day.

Acid earthiness cigars

Acid earthiness cigars are infused with more than 100 botanical oils and herbs. They have semi-sweet taste with the mild to medium tobacco taste that combines citrus flavors, notes of oak and tones of nutmeg using a solid Nicaraguan tobacco blend. This aromatic cigar offers delightful smell and taste that is pleasing to all senses and promises to tickle your palate.

Acid Kong Cameroon cigars

These varieties of acid cigars use premium tobacco, essential oil, herbs and botanicals in their secret formula to provide smokers the perfect smoking experience. Highlighted by the premium Cameroon wrapper, acid kong Cameroon cigar has a unique trumpeted body shape that keeps the rich flavors of herbs, essential oils and red wines swirling around your palate. Each stick is made with the best opulent long tobacco leaf that is handpicked and properly inspected to ensure consistent and unmatched quality.

Acid ming dynasty cigars

Acid ming dynasty cigar is a premium cigar infused with essential oils to create a unique aroma and flavor unlike any other cigar on the market. Each cigar contains seamless Connecticut wrapper, Nicaraguan long fillers and flavors that will tickle your palate. This variety of cigar provides the best and the most satisfying smoking experience that is second to none. Whether it is a social function or a long day at work, this is the perfect cigar for you.

Acid Roam cigars


Acid roam cigar is popularly known as the creamiest cigar which is infused with more than 100 herbs and botanical oils. The taste is semi-sweet with a mild tobacco taste that combines notes of floral tones, hints of red oak and cream. It is aromatic with a delightful smell and taste that provides a great smoking experience.

You’ve got different flavors to choose from, so nothing is stopping you from enjoying the full aroma and taste of any acid cigar you choose. You can test each of the acid cigars and choose the one that is perfect for your daily need.

Why choose acid cigars

The acid cigar is not just an ordinary brand of cigar, it’s one of the brands of the cigar with a cult-like following. All smokers that love acid cigar are loyal towards it and if you consider the number of people looking for this type of cigar daily, you will understand why it is one of the bestseller cigars in the US. In fact, 40% of smokers choose acid cigar.

This brand of cigar is named after an artist called Scott ACID Chester. The cigar possesses the unique characteristics of the artist which include a unique blend of industrial, motorcycle art, graffiti and urban. So when you are looking for a unique taste that you can’t get anywhere else in the market, turn to acid cigar. This aromatic and rich cigar is cured with essential oil, botanicals and herbs, and you are sure to experience a light flavor that will never overpower your palate. And one great way to give this type of cigar a try is to try the acid cigar sampler.

Acid cigars look just like any other premium handmade cigars, but the band colors are a bit louder than the average Macanudo. In fact, the taste is quite different too. When you take out acid cigars from the tube or cellos, you will instantly notice the difference. Each cigar is imbued with its own intense fragrance characteristics, so the smell also makes acid cigar stand out. The aroma in the cigar comes from a special mixture from more than 140 herbal and botanical essences. Most cigar manufacturers have tried to replicate acid cigar but with no success, because the secret to its unique infusion method is yet to be revealed.

What are the characteristics of acid cigars?

Acid cigars are botanically-infused cigars that are flavored by absorbing the essential oil aroma. Over 140 herbs, botanical ingredients and oils are used to produce these aromatic cigars. The best thing about this brand of cigar is that two of it will never yield the same flavor. In terms of the flavor profile, the sticks yield spicy and sweet aromas of cocoa, citrus, white pepper, red wine and honey. And the immaculate stogies make the acid cigar even more special because it is hand-crafted and finely blended with tobacco from 3 to 4 different countries.

Acid cigars continue to rise in popularity

Since the inception of the cigar in 1999, it has garnered a lot of followers and it is very popular in the United State of America. This cigar has a lot of followers and most of its followers belong to the millennial group. The popularity of acid cigar is attributed to its flavors and the uniqueness in design. When you see an acid cigar, you will immediately understand why it has a lot of following because it is unique. In fact, you will also fall for the cigar if you try its sampler.

Why is acid cigar so important?

There are several reasons why acid cigar has a lot of following and here are some of the reasons why people love it:

1. Its stogie is crafted with perfection

If you are looking for a quality cigar, look no further than acid cigars. The manufacturer of the cigar is particular about quality, which is why its loyal smokers always have a gratifying experience. With premium quality tobacco leaves, the stogies are meticulously hand-crafted. Each stick is formed by blending quality materials from 3-4 countries. Before the manufacturer buys leaves from any country, they check the quality by testing the draw of the stogies using weight instead of a draw-testing machine. This always helps the manufacturer to select the best material to blend in each stick.

2. The brand is unique

When it comes to uniqueness, acid cigars offer unique blends. With this type of cigar, each stogie has its flavor and aroma. And the brand is so unique that it has no competition in cigar market because of its exceptionality. That is why it is popular among smokers who love unique flavors. So if you are looking for a unique flavor, this is the perfect cigar for you.

3. Exotic lines of cigars

Another reason why people love this brand of cigar is that it has four lines that are very popular, especially in the US. The four lines include:

  • Acid red cigars
  • Acid gold cigars
  • Acid purple cigar
  • Acid blue cigar

All the lines listed above are premium cigars and are hand-crafted with high-quality materials. They all offer a sweet taste and sweet aroma. Whether you are an experienced smoker or a beginner, acid cigars provide you with great options. You can choose from any of the four lines and have fun. If you are a fan of premium cigars with an intense aroma and unique flavor, then you need to try these cigars. Your palate will surely be treated to the best experience ever.