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Rolling papers are one of those things that seem to go in and out of style with no real reason behind their popularity. Like with everything else out there, they serve a purpose but that purpose isn't always clear. Have you ever wondered what really is so great about rolling papers? There are a few facts that might help you understand what makes these little papers so special, and by understanding them, you might even find ways to make using them better for yourself. The first thing that you will want to know is that there are two types of rolling papers that you can get, thin or thick. It doesn't matter which one you choose, but both are made to do different things with tobacco. If you want to reduce the amount of smoke you take in through your lungs, then thin paper is probably what you need. These are not the best for improving your overall burning speed when you smoke, but they are great for people who are trying to limit the amount of tar and other harmful substances that are carried through the smoke. If you have a lot of tar built up in your lungs, then you should probably use thicker papers to combat the problem, but for most people, thinning down the rolled piece of paper is just fine. The thickness of the papers will greatly affect the amount of smoke your puff produces, and you should keep that in mind when making your decision. The last thing to know about how to use rolling papers is that there are two different brand names for this product, and these two brand names are often used interchangeably. Weed Hemp and Softy Green are two common brands of weed thinner that you will find. These two brands are very similar in how they work, and some have users complaining about the slight differences between the two. When in doubt, stick with one of the generic brand names that are meant to help combat cannabis.
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