Common Cigar Problems and How to Solve Them

If you have been lucky enough to have got cigars for sale, you need to take care of them and familiar with some of the problems that are associated with cigars. Let us understand some of these problems and how to get rid of them.

Cigar Molds

If you observe green or blue spots on your favorite cigars that cause a stain when to try to remove them, then the spots are possibly mold. It is a detrimental fungus that is caused due to storing cigars in extremely high humidity. The mold spoils the cigar’s taste. Luckily, there is s solution for this. The moment you come to know about the mold, single out the cigars that are affected from the unaffected ones. Wipe the humidor in a gentle way with a fresh cotton towel and with a little distilled water. Make sure you don’t make the humidor wet, otherwise the wood would get spoilt. Keep the humidor in the air so that it can get dry. Set aside the cigars out of the humidor for a couple of days till you become certain that the growth of the mold has discontinued. It is very imperative to reduce the humidity in your humidor prior to putting back the cigars. You can prevent the cigars from ruining if you detect the mold early on. If the mold shows on the outside of the wrapper only and hasn’t spread inside, then the taste of the cigar could not be disturbed.

Holes in cigars

Imagine after getting best cigar deals and after some time you find holes in the cigars. Disheartening, right? But holes in cigars mean that they are infiltrated with tobacco beetles. These beetles usually strike dry tobacco. Other indicators are, for instance, if you feel the dust in your mouth when you draw the cigar or dust scattered on the floor of the box of the cigar. In such a case, you have to search for the affected cigar in the box otherwise it spreads to others. Discard the cigars that have holes in them and the ones that don’t have, place them in a bag of plastic and place them in your freezer for 3 days. Then, thaw these cigars slowly in your refrigerator prior to putting them again at room temperature. Lastly, ensure that you clean the humidor carefully by using a damp cloth. Finally, let the humidor to air dry.

White Spots

If you discover white spots on your cigar, then you should be happy about it as it is an indication that your stogies are aging superbly. This is known as plume or bloom, denoting that tobacco’s essential oils have moved towards the cigar’s surface. On the other hand, if the color of the spots is green or blue and fuzzy, then the spots are perhaps mold.

Once you have got your favorite stogies from the cigar store, you need to take care of them. Otherwise problems such as tobacco beetles and holes in cigars could arise. And setting right such things could be a huge task and there can be the risk of losing your precious cigars if the repairing is not done on time. Therefore, the best thing to do is to take good care of your precious stogies. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.




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