Cutting a Premium Cigar Like an Aficionado

Every premium cigar needs to be cut correctly to ensure your smoking experience is going to go well. There is somewhat of an art to cutting a cigar and for those with inquiring minds here is our deep dive into cigar cutting basics.?

Let’s Talk About the Cutting Process

A cutter is used to remove or penetrate the cap of a premium cigar before you smoke it, ensuring it draws and smokes well. There are three basic types or styles of cuts (if you will): the straight cut, the wedge or ‘V,” and the basic hole punch.?

  • For those of you who live more on the edge, as of 2010 or thereabouts the “Shurieken” or multiple slit cut is now somewhat in vogue. It’s a little exotic, especially if you are early in the game using cigar cutters.
  • An experienced cigar aficionado is not always going to go with the same cut – the most popular cut of all time is the plain straight cut., especially for a cigar with a smaller ring size.
  • Making the actual cut is somewhat of a personal choice like the eternal Ford vs. Chevrolet “I love this car…..”



Ignoring a machete, or a legendary Gerber in your pocket, or even worse, the shears your family has used since the pioneer days in the kitchen, there are three types of cigar cutters.?

The single blade guillotine cutter like the Guillotine Cigar Cutter 2 – this economical baby sells for under five bucks and it’s blade will cut through any stick you can purchase and for those of you who are digitally challenged you can’t slice part of your finger off during the cutting process. (See: Gerber above or random tool you pick up)?

  • But, many cigar geeks prefer the double guillotine blade, as it makes a cleaner cut every time. Cigar cissors are also considered a type of guillotine and they make a straight cut if done properly.

The classic wedge or “V” cutter is somewhat similar to the guilotine cutter but the shape of the blade actually slices a wedge into the cap of the cigar and it doesn’t cut the cap completely off. It’s designed to slice from one side and with the same depth – if uniformity is what you seek this cigar cutter has your name on it.?

The classic hole punch like a Xikar Twist Punch Silver with Keychain is an awesome example of a classic hole puch and for the McGyver geeks who lose stuff easily, its on a key chain too. It has a cool twist action which ensures the process is going to go well.?

Back to hole punch basics: some prefer a large hole vs cutting a cigar. As the cigar is smoked it does build up tar near the hole, which impacts the draw. The basic hole punch negates this problem depending on the size of the hole you make.?

  • At all costs don’t ever use a pen or a pencil. The thought makes us get anxious and your are going to look like a dweeb to your bae.?


Let’s now go back to the more exotic Shuriken cut – you can buy a Shuriken cigar cutter which does look like an enormous space capsule or for nuclear geeks kinda like the original “Fat Boy Bomb” with a somewhat menacing look to some.?

This cutter and type of cut really works well on a short cigar; but to be candid, it’s a tube with blades inside and most of you will be better off using a more traditional cigar cutter.