General Questions and Answers about Cigars

Does the band have to be removed while smoking cigars?

It totally depends on the smoker’s liking. But, if you want get rid of the band, you have to be very cautious. The band on the cigar is fixed by using vegetable glue that can tear the tobacco leaves effortlessly while being separated. The best method to remove the band is to smoke a cigar for a couple of minutes, and let the glue warm up and then gradually slide the cigar band off from it.

Does the plastic wrapper have to be removed while storing it in humidor?

The simple answer is that it does not really make a difference. Cigars such as Romeo Y Julieta Cigar is usually stored in a cellophane, which stops the cigars from getting damaged and prevents flavors from mixing. However, a lot of people do not realize that a cellophane is a permeable material. It permits the passage of humidity through it. Again this also depends on the individual. Some individuals prefer to have them on while others do not. The benefit of keeping the cellophane on is that the flavors will not mix much. Moreover, it is good to cut a cigar while the cellophane is one, because it will maintain the sharpness and cleanliness of a blade for a prolonged time.

Do all the cigars have to be aged?

Similar to wines, as they become with age, aging cigars like the Arturo Fuente Cigars will improve their overall experience, aroma and taste. Most of the folks will purchase a couple of boxes and put them in a humidor. Smokers smoke one or two cigars at a particular time and then they age the remaining cigars. Besides, many persons possess a separate humidor for aging cigars. In no way, it is mandatory to age cigars, but it definitely complements the experience.

How can a dry cigar be restored?

It has occurred to every cigar smoker on different occasions. At some point of time, you could have forgotten your cigars somewhere and they might have become dry because of this. So how do you restore cigars that have dried out? The main thing to always take into account that restoring dried cigars is a time consuming process. It requires a lot of patience and time. Do not rush to get it done and follow these steps:

1.   Put your cigars in a humidor that is non-humidified. If you do not have one, you can make use of a zip lock bag that has some holes made in it. The cigars have to come to a constant humidity level of below 70%. Keep them in this setting for around two to three days.

2.   Procure a new and clean wiper and make it wet with clean water. Put it inside the zip lock back and permit it to lie there but ensuring that it does not touch any of the cigars, for a period of at best one additional week. With this humidity will be added to the cigars and will stop the wrapper from rupturing.

3.   Then, after 2 weeks are over, you cigars will appear much better. Place the cigars in a charged humidor and do not smoke them. Allow them to lie for one or two months. And then you can smoke them. Use a cigar filter if possible, while smoking them.

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