How to Keep your Precious Cigars Cool

Only Cigar fans can understand the requirement for careful storage of premium cigars. Once you have bought cigar bundles, you need to preserve your cigars. Apart from maintaining a suitable humidity of seventy to seventy two percent, cigars have to be stored at the correct temperature.

A suitable temperature for storing cigars is between sixty one and sixty eight degrees Fahrenheit. When cigars are stored below sixty one degrees, then it has a negative effect on the fermentation and aging process of cigars.  If stored above sixty eight degrees, then chances are high of cigars getting infested with tobacco beetles. And these beetles can ruin all the Discount Premium Cigars in your humidor. In order to keep your cigars cool you need to keep a few things in mind. Chose an adequate sized humidor to stock the amount cigars you want. Make sure you don’t store additional cigars than a humidor can hold otherwise the air circulation will be obstructed. Pick a humidor which has a lid that shuts firmly.

The relative humidity should be maintained between 70 to 72% in any humidor. For this, you can utilize a humidifier and put a hygrometer in your humidor along with a humidifier so that you can check the relative humidity. The right rh will assist in maintaining a cool atmosphere for your cigars. During winter, keep the humidor in a room that is warm so that the cigars can remain cool. However, make sure the temperature is not too high. During summers, keep the humidor in an a/c room and keep it far from direct sunlight. So after buying cigars online, you should also take proper care of your sticks.

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