How to Maintain Humidity of Cigars

Cigar aficionados love their cigars. They buy Cheap Cigar Bundles and Acid Cigars Sampler from various websites. One thing to take care of cigars is to store them properly so that they can last for many years. Cigars have the ability to endure for fifteen years or even more, provided that they are stored correctly. A lot of cigar smokers have discovered that when cigars are stored for a longer period of time, they will taste better for the initial five to ten years, and after the duration of fifteen years the flavor will start to get mellower or milder. The flavor of a cigar and its lifespan gets affected by temperature, light and humidity. When cigars are not stored suitably and permitted to dry out, the tobacco of the cigar will shrink and the wrapper will tear down or get separated. And cigars that have become dry burn quickly, are less flavorful and emit bigger volumes of smoke and this smoke is drawn in by smokers by way of the air space that is between the tobacco and the wrapper. The best way to maintain the humidity and moistness of cigars is to store them in a humidor. Humidors and other cigar accessories like Punch Cigar Cutter are available in many cigar shops.


1.Make use of a humidor that hasa a tight seal and sufficient room for the quantity of the cigars you want to store. Majority of the humidors are normally accompanied with a hygrometer and a cigar humidifier, but then again these things can be bought individually.

2.Swab the inner part of the humidor using a clean and damp piece of cloth. You have to wipe the humidor because there might be dust or other deposits left behind from packaging or shipping.

3.Put a small container of purified water in the humidor and then close the cover and allow it to lie for around twelve hours. After the stipulated time has passed, check how much water is left. If the container is nearly empty, fill-up the container with purified water again, and cover the lid and allow it to stay for an additional twenty four hours. The time when the water ceases to evaporate, then the cigars are all set to be positioned in the humidor.

4.Mix propylene glycol and purified water in equal proportions and immerse the cigar humidifier in this for around thirty minutes. The humidifier is like a sponge and ought to have come with the humidor. Next, after completion of thirty minutes, take away the humidifier, make it dry and put it in the humidor.

5.Put your cigar in a humidor and shut the cap. Make sure to inspect the hygrometer regularly for the initial few days. Keep in mind that the level should stay between 68-74% humidity. And in case the humidity is very low, then your humidor might need re-soaking with a new container of purified water.

6.Every month, add small quantities of purified water to the humidor. Store it in a dry and cool place and evade direct sunlight.

Guidelines and Cautions:

To store the cigars on a temporary basis, you can put them in a closed Ziploc bag. Ensure to add a small damp towel along with the cigars. And always remember that the temperature must always be less than 75°F so as to avoid Lacioderma tobacco worm or tobacco beetle invasions.

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