How to Pick the Right Cigar

The market is swamped with various cigar brands ever since they have gained in popularity. The older and well-known now have to compete with newer brands that expect to entice smokers from the more recognized ones. With so many cigar varieties and Cigar Sampler Deals available, it can be intimidating to choose one. Therefore, how do you pick a cigar? There isn’t any such thing as right or wrong while selecting a cigar. A Cigar is all about preference and taste. While choosing a cigar keep the following points in mind and buy your favorite cigar from a tobacconist that offers Best Cigar Prices:

1.   Always judge any cigar by its exterior and it applies more to the beginner than an experienced cigar smoker because he has perhaps he has already discovered his brand. The color of the wrapper gives a clue about the cigar’s flavor. Bear in mind that the darker the shade of a cigar, the probability of it being stronger or spicier will be high. Conversely, the lighter the cigar’s wrapper, the milder it will be. Also, always remember that a darker wrapper causes the cigar to be stronger and sweeter in flavor because it emits more content of sugar and oil in the cigar’s wrapper. Clearly you would desire a cigar that satisfies your specific tastes, therefore try out different strengths and learn which one is apt for you. Initially start with mild cigars and gradually progress to stronger ones.

2.   Choose a size that easily fits in your hand. Even though, it is very alluring to acquire the biggest cigar in order to brag, however it is not a clever thing to do, especially if you are a novice. Because if you are not at ease while holding it, or if the cigar doesn’t fit well in your mouth while smoking, then you won’t be able to enjoy the smoking experience and moreover money will be wasted.

3.   Pick a cigar based on the diameter (ring gauge) or the thickness that you believe you might enjoy. Ring gauge is measured in sixty-fourths of an inch. A Thicker cigar has a draw that is smoother while a thinner one has less smooth draw because thicker cigars are likely to be slower and cooler burning than thinner ones.

4.   Examine the cigar’s construction. Not only should the cigar be appealing while looking at it, but also should be made well. The cigar that you select must have a color that is even and should be smoothly wrapped. It is fine if the cigar has some spots or blemishes, but should not have discoloration, otherwise pick another one. And never select a cigar that has a cracked or torn wrapper.

5.   Inspect the freshness of the cigar. A cigar must be fresh. While examining the freshness, ensure that the cigar is not dry while touching, but should have a slight oily luster to it. It is more prevalent in cigars with darker wrappers will have this. Furthermore, observe the veins that are on the wrapper. Generally, the finer the veins the better the cigar is.

6.   Select a cigar on the basis of its price. Once more, a cigar is an indulgent item and actually depends on your budget. Before buying one, check your budget and look for Best Cigar Deals that are available in many cigar stores.  Otherwise, you could end up spending a fortune!



Cigar Buying Guide