How to Store Your Cigars Properly

By this time, most of the cigar aficionados know where they should be storing their much loved cigars like the joya de nicaragua cigars: in a Coolidor or Humidor. However, you should also know where not to store them. Let us look more into this. Cigar smoking can be a fairly pricey hobby. Therefore, you wouldn’t want to squander your stogies, which is why you must make sure they are stored in a proper manner. There can be fluctuations in temperature and humidity, therefore appropriate storage is necessary.  Have you ever thought, what would be the consequence, if you do not store your stogies properly? Some of the problems that arise due to wrong storing of cigars could be: The flavor of the cigar could become harsh or bitter, the cigar’s wrapper could break or crack, the cigar could burn unevenly or very fast, mold could develop, the cigar could often burn out and require re-lights frequently and small holes might emerge because of beetle invasion. No one would like to sort out such problems. Particularly something like beetle infiltration in tobacco. And it will become pretty difficult to get optimum satisfaction from your cigars.

Most of the cigars originate from tropical areas like Central America where the humidity is usually high. Basically, you need to store your cigars at about 70 °F and at 70% humidity level. These are the perfect conditions for storing cigars. Unless you reside in an ideal cigar storage climate that has the above conditions, you will require a humidor along with a hygrometer in order to have everything maintained well. In addition, it is important that the place where the humidor is placed is proper. It is a must to keep the humidor in a place which is cool and dry. To say it in a different way, make sure your cigars are not kept beneath direct sunlight other there are high chances of mold forming. There is also the problem of Lacioderma laying eggs in your cigars in humid atmosphere. These worms in due course convert into beetles that ruin your stogies. They eventually spread to the other stogies stored in the humidor, causing a lot of loss. Therefore, it is better to store your valuable stogies such as the la escepcion cigars properly.

You now know the consequences of incorrect storing of cigars. So, let us see where you should never store your cigars. In the Cigars’ original box: Newbies would think that this is the best place to store their stogies. However, this is not the right place. Your stogies can be good here for some time, but ultimately the humidity will be lost. You should also not store cigars by themselves without any container unless if you wish to smoke the stogie right away. This will cause the wrapper to crack, which will spoil your smoking experience. Another place where you should avoid storing your cigars is the refrigerator. There are certain smokers who freeze their stogies that are infested with beetles in the refrigerator, but for routine storage, do not keep them in the refrigerator.

The best place to store your precious stogies after you purchase them from a cigars shop is in a well-made humidor or in a coolidor so that your cigars can remain pleasant and fresh to make your cigar smoking experience enjoyable. It is also important to maintain your humidor properly.

How To Care For And Store Your Cigars