Our Top Ten LIst of the Best Christmas Tunes to go with a Premium Cigar

Let’s get the party started properly with a song that’s been around a long/long time but no on rocks this tune better than the Boss and with the “Big Man” (now departed) on vocals and sax it’s an always must have on your playlist. 

So pull out the premium cigar, grab a glass of your favorite apertif and of course that special someone. 

Now let’s move to another standard by a great American band covering one of the best Christmas songs ever written by Charles Brown. Featuring Don Henley on lead vocals with soft harmonies in the background. 

No Christmas tune collection could be complete without including Brenda Lee’s all time classic: “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree” – more brandy and fine cigars have been consumed humming along to this perennial favorite than just about any holiday tune you can think of. 

No collection would be complete without the “grandfather of all holiday tunes featuring the one and only “Bingmaster” (Bing Crosby). If you play this on your phone and it doesn’t elicit a tear from someone or a wistful look off into the distance then you are hanging with the wrong crowd. Take it away Bing!! 

Okay you want holiday tunes with some sizzle? There is no better tune than the original “Santa Baby” sung by the stellar Ertha Kitt who defined a top ten list of presents every lady wants to find under the tree. 

Of course the list needs some updating; but the tune makes a real statement that every husband or boyfriend needs to listen to about two weeks ahead of the holidays and yes Tiffany’s is still hanging around. 

Now for a real retro holiday tune you have to go deep into the vaults and pull up the Beach Boy’s version of “Little Saint Nick” featuring classic harmonies but no cow bell, that came later in their careers. 

And can any list of Christmas tunes be complete unless you have at least one Louis Armstrong tune in the collection? Absolutely not and our short list always has the penultimate version of “Baby, its Cold Outside” by Louis and with some help by Velma Middleton. 

That family classic echoing through the years will always be “Silent Night” and Sinead Oconnor’s version is second to none and typically makes everyone’s list of “must listen” to tunes. 

Every holiday party should be streaming a copy of Diana Krall’s Christmas Songs starting off with a scat version of “Jingle Bells” that will knock your socks off. 

No list of holiday tunes would be worth listening to unless you have at least one Dean Martin tune. So, we went deep into the vault and pulled up Dean’s smoothest ever version of “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.” 

So, we hope this list brightens up your holiday season in some small way. And, thanks for your support of our company – we greatly appreciate your business.

We hope this holiday season is everything it could possibly be for each of you, filled with memorable times with friends and family.